Treatments to Try: Cardamom massage, Olaplex & a Jetlag Reviver

September 28


What: Olaplex at Ted Morgan Hair Salon (The palm and Motor city)

The atmosphere: Ted Morgan have two salons – their palm is older so it’s not as sleek as the one in motor city but great location and staff none the less.

The experience: The Olaplex treatment consists of 3 main steps – the hair is washed with a detoxifying shampoo to remove any build up or silicone in the hair, the treatment liquid is put on the hair for 15 minutes followed by a mask in the hair for 10, before it gets washed out with a restoring shampoo and conditioner (Sharon used Kevin Murphy’s born again)

Final note and results: My hair felt much softer, shinier and smoother – less damaged on the ends. Sharon gave me a treatment bottle to boost the salon treatment at home once a week that I have been using.

Recommended stylist: Sharon

Cost: The treatment starts at AED200 depending on the thickness and length of your hair. The take home treatment is AED150


Extra notes:

-There has been a lot of talk around Olaplex as most celebrity colourists including Tracey Cunnigham swear by it – Kim Kardashian had it used when she changed her hair from brunette to blonde.

-Olaplex works to repair the damage from heat, chemical and over processing – pretty much like an antibiotic for the hair.

-Olaplex can be used as a treatment or whilst colouring the hair.

Recommended rating: 9/10


What: Cardamom Deep Tissue massage at the Shangri-La spa

The atmosphere: The spa was very relaxed, not really full during the daytime – which is always lovely as you end up feeling disconnected to everything around you.

The experience: Even though I arrived late, the staff were incredibly sweet and understanding. After getting a locker band, I headed in to get changed in my robe, disposable underwear and slippers before my therapist, May took me to the treatment room. The massage was a 60 minute deep tissue massage using Cardamom amber oil. The bed was firm, yet still comfortable and the massage was deep into the muscles – my therapist used a mix of her hands, elbows and forearms.

Final note and results: Relaxed, but also quite energised. A great massage for stiff and tired muscles.

Recommended therapist: May, she is very firm and gives a really good deep massage.

Cost: AED450


Recommended rating: 8.5/10


What: All Natural Rahua mask at De la Mer day Spa

The atmosphere: De la Mer is one of my favorite day spas in Dubai – in between a salon and spa sort of space as well as impeccable service.

The experience: I’ve used Rahua a few times as I own a few of the products, so I was excited to try their hair treatment. 100% natural, Rahua has a huge celebrity fan base and is a luxury organic collection – it’s also 100% vegan. The products contain Rahua nut oil and is great to hydrate, renew dry and damaged hair, enhances color and soothes scalps.  The treatment starts was a shampoo before moving back to the chair and getting the Omega 9 mask, which is mixed with the pure Rahua nut oil (a small bottle of the oil costs over AED1k, so you can imagine how rich it is). After being under the steam for 20 minutes, the hair is washed and a conditioner is used to seal the cuticles. The Rahua finishing treatment is applied to the ends before it’s blow dried.

Final note and results: My hair felt so hydrated, clean and soft – the scent isn’t the best, quite a distinctive all natural smell but it’s growing on me.

Recommended stylist: Lucy – my hair always lasts with Lucy and she’s super sweet!

Cost: Starting from AED320 depending on the hair length


Recommended rating: 8/10 – only wish it included a head massage!


What: Jet lag Reviver package at The Nail Spa

The atmosphere: Even though The Nail Spa is constantly packed, you tend to forget everyone at the salon and feel like you’re the only one there – which is always lovely.

The experience: The package included a Heaven facial (great for the dehydrated and puffy faces post travel, as it really helps get the radiant back to your skin), a classic full body massage (There’s nothing better than a full body Swedish massage – our bodies get so bloated and tense when traveling and up in the air, this is an essential to help you relax), and of course, a classic manicure and pedicure (the first thing I do after a travel as our nails get chipped and major SOS). My pedicure were accompanied with the Hot N Cold hydrotherapy, which is usually an add on using mist, hot stone and a cold mask to help pamper the feet, assist with circulation and reduce water retention.

Final note and results: The most pampered I’ve felt post flight.

Cost: AED664 (it’s a 20% saving)


Extra notes:

-Even if you don’t have jet lag, this is perfect after a long flight or for the regular travellers.

-The Nail Spa use Essie and and Bio Sculpture nail polish.

Recommended rating: 9/10


What: Nashi Argan Hair treatment at 7 shades beauty salon

The atmosphere: The salon, which is based in Umm Suqeim is a relaxed villa in a quiet neighbourhood off Al Wasl Road. They have a wide range of treatments from hair, nails, facials to body.

The experience: I am the queen of getting hair treatments, I find it crucial for someone like myself – from ombre to all the heat when styling for shoots and events. This one would probably win as one of my favourites. After arriving, my hair was washed and conditioned with products by Nashi before my hair was towel dried, and I moved back into my styling chair. The treatment is a mix of the Nashi mask with argan oil, and was applied by section into my hair. You then have the option of getting the penetration done with a mist or scalp massage – naturally, I went for the scalp massage. The 10-15 minute scalp massage was incredible (I really felt like I was getting pampered) and got a bonus with a shoulder and neck massage. It ended with the hair being blow dried, and I asked to get some curls in.

Final note and results: I was relaxed, my hair felt soft, smooth and smelt so good.

Recommended therapist: Jemma

Cost: AED185-AED225


Extra notes:

-I fell in love with the Nashi range – luckily, they actually sell the brand at the salon as well.

-The range smells incredible, so expect delicious smelling hair post treatment.

-Don’t get it done on a day that your hair needs styling, as the smooth finishing texture won’t help it hold or last.

Recommended rating: 9.5/10


What: Hot Stone massage at Spa Cordon

The atmosphere: Spa Cordon is one of those boutique spas that is not in a hotel, yet is better than a lot of full fledged spas I’ve visited.

The experience: You can customise your oils for the massages at Spa Cordon – choosing a base and an essential. I went for Almond oil as my base and the Ylang ylang floral essential oil. I was greeted with a cold towel and juice, before being taken to the changing rooms to get ready. Their towels are the softest! The massage focused on tense muscles – with the hot stones applied on my muscles before being massaged with oil to melt away the knots.

Final note and results: Relaxed, I love a no-fuss massage.

Recommended therapist: Neeru

Cost: AED425 for 60 minutes


Extra notes:

-Their beds are just as comfortable as the towels!

-The treatments end with tea in their relaxation room.

Recommended rating:9/10