My Beauty Routine by VS Angel, Stella Maxwell

October 4

For this edition of ‘My Beauty Routine’, Victoria’s Secret‘s newest angel, Stella Maxwell (Miley’s buddy) shares her beauty routine exclusively with myfashdiary readers.

-what are 5 of your favorite beauty products? 
My five favorite beauty products are  oribe shampoo, ysl touche eclat concealer, le labo perfume&moisturizer, neutrogena makeup wipes, bioderma.

-what beauty products do you always carry in your handbag? 
I always carry some chanel lip stick , some Kose skin cream, the new Victoria Secret Body Care collection and some neutrogena skin wipes.

-what is your skincare regimen? 
I find that drinking a lot of water is really the most amazing thing you can do for the skin. For the body I love the Coconut Milk Victoria’s Secret Weightless Body Oil.

-how do you keep fit?
I love riding bikes and swimming. Those are probably my two favorite forms of exercise but I do train a lot in the gym and I cant say enough about having a great trainer.

-what is your fitness routine?
My fitness routine consists of a lot of cardio and a lot of stretching.

-Do you follow a diet? 
I wouldn’t say I have a strict diet but I do try and stay away from things that are not natural and that really don’t give any good nutrients to my body. There are so many processed foods and so many unecesarry things we are constantly  encouraged to consume. Key is to keep your focus on what your body really needs.

-do you take vitamin supplements, if so – which?
I do take some vitamin B occasionally but I am not huge into supplements. I find that what i eat and drink really work well with my body.

-do you do regular beauty services?
I enjoy going to Russian Baths and Koreans spas.

-what is your signature fragrance? 
My signature fragrance is Victoria Secret Tease.