Fitness Choice: Pure Fitness

September 25

For… Private training with education.


Where: They come to you!

What: Pure Fitness, a Dubai-based concept started up by Catherine Williams and Elaine Luck – and focus on health, fitness, exercise, nutrition and wellbeing for women – especially mothers.

Type of workout: They have one on one Personal training, fitness classes, nutritional packages, pre and post natal support or sweat camps around the city. I was taking Personal training sessions with one of the founders, Catherine (who has a background in everything fitness including physiotherapy – so she really does know the body) – which varied between strength workouts to better body alignment corrections that would help me in my other workouts. Everything is tailored to you and your body.

What it helps: To get to your goals

The Studio: They come to you and bring everything with them. All I needed were some towels and water.

Amenities: Catherine brings everything from a mat, band, to a foam roller (which she got me obsessed with, and I ended buying my own). All I needed was a bit of space, water and a towel.



-This is not like any other ordinary Personal training sessions. Catherine, the co-founder who I train with started the session with learning everything about my body – from my medicals, my posture, my eating habits to my breathing.

-As Catherine is certified in a lot of different things, the training sessions are bespoke to what you need. For example, my sessions started with little exercises from pilates to work on my breathing.

-The exercises that I did with Catherine helped me with other workouts – as well as gave me training to fix things that I didn’t realise affected other workouts – my tight hip flexors, short breaths etc.

-Catherine tends to talk quite a bit during your training, she is all about educating you on your body and how to improve it.