Beauty talk with Khloe Kardashian

August 26

Khloe Kardashian was recently in Dubai to launch Kardashian beauty’s haircare range at Beauty World. I will be honest with you, I didn’t expect too much from the brand because it’s a mass celebrity haircare range, but let me tell you… I was impressed. Made with a key ingredient of Black Seed oil – the range includes everything from hair oil, dry shampoo, hairspray, dry conditioner – all the way to brushes and hair tools. My personal favourite is the hairspray and dry conditioner – they smell so good too. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk beauty with Khloe…

Hi Khloe! Could you talk me through your haircare brand?

I always wanted to have a hair care line so it was always on our mind. We work with some of the most amazing hair stylists ever so we kind a learn the tricks of the trade as well as being exposed to so many high ends products. We wanted to have very luxurious high-end products in affordable reasonable prices, but it does not mean sacrificing packaging, quality or the ingredients we are using.


The products smell so good! How important was it for you to have products that smell really good?

We wanted a distinct scent for one to recognise like a perfume.


Do you have a personal favorite from the collection?

Everything, I love the black seed oil because it’s so universal but I love dry shampoo because I have really curly hair, and I don’t wash my hair every day. The Dry conditioning spray is awesome too!


How hard was it to decide on one scent because it’s such an individual thing?

I know, the scent is the hardest but Kimberly actually has a perfume that has a rose scent, and it did so well and we know people like roses because it’s a very universal scent. I really wanted vanilla at first but we all agreed it is 2 against 1!


How was it decided that you were the person coming here to launch it and not your sisters?

Well I don’t know, I don’t have kids so normally I’m the one doing the press trips. It’s enjoyable for me and I’m in Dubai – how can I complain! it it’s a beautiful thing and such a blessing.


How hands on are you with this business?

We are incredibly hands on all three of us – we were involved with everything from the packaging, formulas to the scents.


You mentioned that you have this system with not washing your hair everyday and the style for each day…

We do our hair so much, yesterday my hair was wild and was blowdried, today I’ve gone for texture and bigger hair, and tomorrow I’ll probably put it up in a pony or bun. For the average consumer, if you go to salon and want a great blow out, I think you want to keep that as long as you can and a dry shampoo is also such a life saver.


How long are you in Dubai? What are your plans while here?

I’m leaving Dubai the day after tomorrow. Someone has invited me to their home to see some baby lions tomorrow. I’m staying at the coolest hotel under the sea!


And you’re looking so good what are you doing fitness wise?

Thank you! I’m just trying to be consistent and my trainer, Gunnar Peterson really does work me hard.