How to: Fishtail Braid

August 23


If there’s one trendy braid that has been coming back season after season – it would have to be the fishtail braid. For this month’s hair tutorial, I’ve teamed up with Marquee Salon’s creative director, Cat Hawkes to show you how to get that perfect fishtail braid.

To master the look you’ll need:
• A clear non snag hair elastic
• Kevin Murphy Smoothing Brush
• Kevin Murphy Session Spray
For this particular braid instead of staring at the nape of the neck of from a pony tail, start with half the hair which almost creates a French braid fishtail effect.

STEP 1 – Split the hair into two sections holding one section in each hand.

STEP 2 – Holding the right section, take a small section of hair from the left section of hair and transfer it across into the right section.

STEP 3 – Holding the left section, repeat the same. Taking a small section of hair from the right section and transferring it across into the section of the left ponytail.

STEP 4 – Repeat the steps 1 and 2 in the same motion to the end of the hair and tie with a clear non snag elastic.

STEP 5 – Gently pull out the braid if you want a ‘looser’ effect and you can add a little messy texture by running a smoothing brush up the braid. Try to use a brush with natural bristles so you don’t create static!

STEP 6 – Any there you have it you fishtail braid in 6 easy steps.