How to get Mermaid Waves

July 2

I’m a girl that loves my glamorous curls, but for the summer – I like playing it down a bit and go with more natural waves. This month, I teamed up with Marquee salon and their creative director, Cat to go for beach waves – also known as Mermaid waves, an undone wavy look.



–          TEXTURE.NET

–          WAVE.CLIPS

–          PIN.CLIPS



  1. First apply HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY to damp hair and dry in thoroughly until hair is completely dry. If your hair is curly you want to pull out some of the curl with your hands and if your hair is straight really blast it to give it some texture!
  2. Comb your hair free of tangles using the TEXTURE.COMB  and part as desired.
  3. Take a large section of hair at the side of your head and attached the WAVE.CLIP. Do not go above the middle of the ear as you want the top part of the hair to remain as straight as possible.
  4. Once the first clip is secure place the next one directly underneath ensuring they touch. You can use a PIN.CLIP to clip any access or falling hair into the WAVE.CLIP.
  5. Move onto the next section! Split the hair into four sections. One each side and two at the back. Repeat step 4 on each section . Spray with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY
  6. Take the TEXTURE.NET and place it over the head on top of the clips.  Set the blow dry to a high heat and dry for 5 minutes and finish with a blast of cool air!
  7. Remove the pins and there is your finished look!