5 minutes with... Luke Hershesons

July 6
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If you’ve ever been to London, you would definitely know Hershesons – one of the most reputed salons (Kate Middleton used to get her hair done there) and also the first to open the Blow dry bars in the city. Luke Hersheson, the co-founder and creative director for the Hersheson salons and products, as well as the UK ambassador for Kerastase – regularly contributes to Vogue, Love and W Magazine – not to mention has worked on huge advertising campaigns such as H&M and Armani, works backstage at shows and still finds the time to do the hair of celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Claudia Schiffer and Kiera Knightly. Luke was in town to launch his hair care brand in the GCC – exclusively in Sephora… everything from brushes to extensions and tools. I sat down and spoke to him about his career, his work with celebrities and the hair trends for this Summer.


How did you get into hair?

It is a family business, I grew up with hair dressing all around me, my dad is still a big part of the company, he started 1992, from the age of 4, I always wanted to be with him in working in hairdressing.


When did you start working?

I am about 17, I was still in school but I already started training and working on Saturdays.


Can you talk me through your haircare brand?

The concept of the product was, as a company, as a brand in London we work across so many different platforms.  We have five salons, one in Harvey Nichols and two flag ships and then we launched the world’s first blow dry bar.  The first was in Topshop in 06′ so now we have three of those in London.  We also do a lot of very active fashion week we do a lot of shows, we do a lot of red carpet, we do a lot of shoots so we have all these experience in different environments. We kept on thinking like we use all these amazing tools, we’re using hair pieces we’re using all these things that people want access to.


Is it the first time that it’s been sold out of the UK?

We just launched in Europe in September with Sephora, so we went into 28 stores across the country and this is the first thing outside Europe.  It is very exciting!


And you’ve worked with so many amazing celebrities, what was been your ultimate highlight?

A couple I think, when I was really young when I was 21 my first big break was an advertising job on a Missoni campaign with Gisele, I was really young and it is my first big job with the Missoni family and Gisele and last year I cut Sienna Millers hair off! It got a really good response.  Looking back on it is quite a nice highlight.


And what hairstyle should we be looking out for this spring summer?

I think short hair, not necessarily short hair.


Yes I’ve been seeing all that, like bob or mid bob..

Mid lengths ,bobs, anything that kind of got that point of view, because it feels different for people’s eyes. It’s all about looking back into the 90’s which is probably like a freshest type of look – not doing too much styling and not doing nothing, this is striking  this balance with a little bit of a wave.