Treatments to Try: Almond manicure, Organic facial & frizz free hair.

March 21
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Go Organic with a mani/pedi

What: Organic manicure and pedicure

Where: Glow Salon & Spa on Beach Road

The treatment: All done on a machine chair, which has a built in massage – the whole manicure is done using organic products (The brand is Forever Living to be exact). The manicure and pedicure includes the traditional soak, scrub and file – the hands and feet are exfoliated using a lavender sugar scrub (which is more of a moisturising product) and left on the skin for 10 minutes to moisturise, before an Aloe Vera scrub is used. A heat lotion is also used on the sole, before getting a hand and foot massage.

Results: My skin felt soft, clean and polished – it also feels lovely knowing only organic products were used on my skin.

Recommended therapist: Cassey

Cost: AED120 for manicure and AED130 for pedicure

Contact: 04 328 4844

Extra notes:

-They serve biscuits, which makes it all very cosy.

-They use Orly and Gelish manicures.

-The products are very safe and can be used on pregnant women.

Recommended rating: 7/10


What: Kerastase Discipline treatment

Where: Sisters beauty lounge, The Dubai Mall

The treatment: I must say, I was very excited for this Kerastase launch. There has been a lot of buzz around it and being something that works with frizz, I definitely thought it would work very well with many women’s hairs as well as women across the Middle East. After my hair was washed with the Discipline shampoo, the mask is applied to the hair in sections (the range smells amazing, like flowers!). The treatment is then blow dried into the hair, so the heat can lock it in before it gets ironed. Moving on to the next part (the best part!), the cream treatment is applied into the hair in the basin as well as being massaged before being washed off with cold water. The hair is then washed using the range before being blow dried.

Results: My hair definitely felt smooth and frizz-free – not to mention, smelt amazing!

Recommended therapist: Ely

Cost: Quite pricy at AED950 a session


Extra notes:

-The treatment takes place in the Kerastase Room in Sisters beauty lounge, which feels quite VIP!

-The treatment lasts up to 15 washes, not your typical hair treatment.

Recommended rating: 8/10



Try an Organic facial

What: An Organic facial by Suki (mine was the Suki skin balancing facial for normal/combination to oily skin

Where: Biolite Clinic, Jumeirah

The treatment: Bespoke to your skin’s needs, mine took place in a private room and started with cleansing, followed by an exfoliating scrub that includes fruit acids (so it tingles) before having my face exposed to the steam to get it ready for extraction. This is then followed with extracts, a mask and an oil-free moisturiser whilst getting a hand massage!

Results: My skin felt ultra soft, purified, brighter and a little red due to the extractions.

Recommended therapist: Richie

Cost: AED650


Extra notes:

-If you’re young or pregnant, this is suitable for you. (it being natural and organic!)

Recommended rating: 8/10


Slim up with LPG

What: LPG Lipomassage

Where: Silkor center

The treatment: This treatment is not a one treatment fits all, it’s bespoke to every client and starts with a consultation with Medical consultant, Joelle. According to Joelle, I had some water retention on my legs and she recommended me to stick to 10-15 LPG, and not vela shape as I didn’t have to break large areas of fat followed by a Presso therapy post treatment to help with the drainage and water retention. The LPG is actually quite relaxing, reminds me of a deep massage using a machine – it has a pinching sensation, which is oddly still quite relaxing. Each session takes 35 minutes for LPG followed by 15 mins in the Presso – for each session, I’m given a grey body suit to wear for the full treatment.

Results: After 10-15 sessions, I definitely felt like my skin was firmer and smoother. It’s great for defining the body, improving skin tone as well as giving you quite a lovely strong deep sports massage along the way!

Recommended therapist: Milena

Cost: AED3,000 for the package


Extra notes:

-The LPG helps with reducing cellulite, drainage, improving elasticity and increasing & stimulating collagen.

-You need to be doing this in addition to eating well and exercising, as it just helps you speed up the slimming process as well as smoothing out cellulite.

Recommended rating: 9/10


Give your hair a power booster

What: L’Oreal Absolut Repair Lipidium treatment

Where: Amro Salon, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

The treatment: My hair was washed with a L’oreal shampoo and conditioner, before having the mask applied to the hair in sections. The hair was then sprayed with the power repair booster before being put under the steam for 20 minutes.

Results: Perfect for dry and damaged the hair, the hair was reconstructed using the lactic acid, strength added from the Phyto-keratin and the lipids created a barrier to protect the hair. The hair felt smooth, hydrated and smelt super clean.

Recommended stylist: Shady

Cost: AED150


Extra notes:

-The stylist strolled in half an hour late, so I wasn’t the happiest.

Recommended rating: 6.5/10


An Almond manicure

What: Almond manicure

Where: Dial a Nail Salon (they have several branches, but this was done in Marina – Silverene tower)

The treatment: Accompanying a traditional manicure of file, buff, and cuticle work, a sweet almond scrub is used (which smells delicious), followed by a pretty illuminating mask before leaving them in mittens for 15 minutes (for soft hands!) and ended with a massage using the almond cream. The scent really does refresh, energise and relax in an odd way.

Results: My hands felt soft, pampered and smelt SO good. I wanted to take the CND range home.

Recommended therapist: Cecile and Mary

Cost: The spa deluxe mani is AED130


Extra notes:

-The brands they have available are CND, Essie and Zoya – I was impressed with the range of CND Vinylux they have (which I’m currently only using… my polish doesn’t chip for a week)

-Whilst you’re getting your almond manicure, add a marine pedicure as well!

Recommended rating: 9/10