Fitness Choice: Swing Yoga at Fitness First, Dubai

July 19
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I recently took a Swing Yoga class (also called Anti-Gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga) at Fitness First, the beach plaza branch to be specific. Yoga isn’t something I practice regularly but after taking this class, I was over the moon and wanted to book in for the next class. To give you an idea, Aerial yoga is a new kind of Yoga that uses fabric hammocks attached to the ceiling that help practice traditional yoga positions – the low impact and anti-gravity moves made sure I had less pressure on my joints as well as a floating sensation that I adored, yet still felt like I was getting the stretched I’d want from a yoga class. Delilah, the instructor was fab with making sure new students (like myself) as well as regular made the most of their classes. All I can really say… try it for yourself. What a lovely experience and the best way to start the day…


Where: Fitness First, Dubai – They have branches around town but my closest & preferred one was Beach Park Plaza

What: Swing Yoga classes

Type of workout: Aerial Yoga or also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga.

What it helps: You get all the benefits of yoga (stretching out muscles and increasing flexibility) without the pressure on your joints.

The Studio: The class was quite large, with a mirror on the right side and a reminder to breathe on the left.

Changing rooms: Quite large with lockers & towers – clean too!

Parking: At the location I was at (Beach Park Plaza), they have parking downstairs, all you have to do is get a stamp from Fitness First.

Recommended Instructors: Delilah (Super sweet, adorable and helpful). I do not recommend Goli, who was possibly the rudest instructor I’ve ever come across – no room for rude instructors!


Pro’s :

-Personally, I find Aerial Yoga super fun that it almost doesn’t feel like an exercise – the hour goes by quickly and still makes you crave more…

-You get the yoga stretching benefits if you want to add yoga to your workouts.

-If you love Gymnastics but not the best in it, this is your way of feeling as flexible as you can be.

-Some people call it Anti-Gravity yoga for a reason, if you’re someone that has weak joints – try it out!

-To top it off, it really stimulates the mind, and can be extremely relaxing if you come in with a clear mind.



-I tried a similar class in Montreal, which was more than just yoga – a workout (felt my abs the next day), would’ve loved if the Swing Yoga at Fitness First was more than just yoga!