Summer workouts at home.

August 8
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Working out when traveling isn’t easy when the city isn’t too big on fitness studios. I’m currently in Cannes and if I need a workout – I usually head out for a quick run on the Croisette or get some workouts in my room. When I was in London, I trained with Celebrity trainer, Christina Howells. She recently teamed up with Charli Cohen to launch for some online workouts. Here are a few for you to try…

Crab reach

This is an amazing active stretch to open through front and sides of the body and strengthen the arms.



Start seated on your mat. Feet a little wider than hip width. Place your right hand behind you fingers pointing away from the body. Your left arm is bent in front of your chest. Roll the shoulders back as you extend the chest forwards.



Route down into your right hand as you push your hips high to the sky reaching your left arm up and over towards your right hand on the ground.


Lower to the start position and reset repeating the exercise to the other side.


Repeat 8-12 times moving for right to left.


Hot Tip

Keep the movement slow and deliberate pausing in the stretch as much as you need.



Pike press up

This is an excellent body weight exercise that challenges strength, mobility, flexibility and stability.



Get into push up position with your feet on a chair. Walk your hands backwards so your hips lift to the sky. Your hands are a little wider than shoulder width.  The head drops between the arms and the back is flat.



Bend at the elbows to lower the head towards the floor as you maintain your gaze through your legs.  Return to start position. Keep the legs straight throughout


Repeat 8-12


Hot tip

This is a demanding exercise that can be modified by keeping the feet on the floor.




Press-up twisters

Works the chest, back of the arms, shoulders, abdominals and waist.



Come into push-up plank position with your hands and toes supporting you. Shoulders directly over elbows and feet hip width apart. Think of pulling the shoulder blades down the spine as you lengthen your neck.



Bending at the elbows lower your body towards the floor keeping the spine straight and push yourself back to start position. From here you will rotate your body open coming into a side plank position and reach the top arm to the sky. Reverse the movement and come back to the press-up to complete one full move.


Repeat 8-12 times moving from right to left.


Hot Tip

You can always drop your knees to the floor to perform the press up and return to plank.