My Beauty Routine by Ruth Zukerman, Co-Founder of Flywheel Sports.

June 17

This week, I spoke to Ruth Zukerman who owns Flywheel Sports globally (we finally have it in Dubai too!). As an ambassador for Flywheel Dubai, I was intrigued to find out more about her beauty and fitness routine – of course she’s a regular wheel and barre gal.


-Beauty products I swear by

My Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is my secret weapon toward having “perfect skin”.  It’s so natural looking and keeps me looking young!  I’ve also been using my Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream on my lips before sleep for over 30 years.  It keeps my lips moist and supple for a true 8 hours and avoids any morning dryness.


-What’s in my make up bag

My Armani foundation, mentioned above.  Armani, Eyes to Kill mascara which takes away any need for fake lashes.  It’s literally magic.  A set of tweezers.  Armani Lipstick # 102 with Armani Lip Liner # 10 which gives my lips w very natural look with a hint of pink and it works with everything that I wear.  I also have MAC eye kohl crayon/liner in “Teddy” which is a soft brown.  Lastly I use an eye defining pencil, also from Armani with its own brush on the other end.


-Vitamin supplements 

I take a daily Centrum multi-vitamin as well as a Calcium supplement with Vitamin D added.


-Perfect detox juice mix

I don’t believe in de-toxing.  I’m afraid that it is a myth.


-Favorite healthy dish

A piece of grilled salmon with spinach and a salad with greens, tomatoes, cukes and avocados which are a part of my daily diet.



I have managed to avoid any dermatalogical work at this point and am proud of it!


-Fitness routine

Flywheel indoor cycling 5 days per week as well as Flybarre twice a week.  They are the perfect complements to each other and offer everything my body needs to stay strong and in shape.


-Skin/Body treatments 

I always enjoy a good body salt scrub to exfoliate and polish the skin, leaving me glowing!


-Hair Miracle

My electric rollers are my hair miracle.  I put them in for just a few minutes before I go out and my hair looks as if it was professionally done!


-Signature fragrance

Motu by Comptoir Sud Pacifique.  I don’t go anywhere without it and am pretty well known for my scent!