Treatments to Try: Couple's pampering, Rose manicure, a lash perm & a glow peel.

June 20

Get pampered with a loved one… at Chrysalis spa @ DAMAC Maison

There’s obviously nothing better than relieving stress than getting pampered at the spa. However, there’s no better feeling than doing it than getting pampered with a loved one. I recently tried a massage at Chrysalis Spa @ DAMAC Maison, which is on the Dubai Mall street (hotel apartments) for a 90 minute massage with a friend. We went for the signature, Chrysalis massage – which is a candle wax massage rather than your typical oil one. As soon as we arrived, we were given a choice from 4 different scents – went for the sensual, which was more fragrant being used to the herbal oil smells. The suite had a massage room with two beds and a main room for the foot ritual, which ad a floating pool. The 90 minute massage consisted of having the candle melted and applied onto the body as a massage oil with their specific technique using different ones depending on the pressure for that specific area. Soothing, as well as the hot candle wax melting tense muscles and leaving the skin nourished as it comes on like butter. Perfect gift for that special someone…

AED475 for one & Recommended therapist: Niputu (from Bali)

For more info, click here

Instead of your typical mani/pedi, go for …A Rose manicure & pedicure at Spaces Salon, Oasis Mall

Every now and then, I like going for a mani/pedi add on for a change. Less than a year ago, I tried the Chocolate mani pedi at Spaces Salon in Oasis Mall. For the Summer season, they launched a rose spa mani pedi that I booked in for. I’m not the biggest Rose scent fan, but this was super lovely – sweet, subtle and fresh. After being taken to my station, I was served a lovely Rose drink (for the full experience, I was told.) The Salon have nail polish from Essie & LCN and started the treatment with prepping the skin with a soak, and a salt glow mineral mask (this contains aloe vera, Vitamin A & E) which helps remove the dead skin cells as well as the oil residue keeping the skin hydrated. After the filing, and cuticle work (they were hydrated with a rick Apricot cuticle oil), a cream mask was applied (which contains cocoa and shea butter and sesame oil to help moisturise dry and soften skin) The treatment ended with a massage with the Rose hand and body lotion, which includes mineral and jojoba oils that heals, rejuvenates, and nourish the skin. Not only does it smell beautiful, the exfoliating treatment really made my hands and feet super soft and I was ready to go for the Summer!

Cost of the mani is AED130 and the pedi costs AED150

Recommended therapist: Lucky 

Get an instant glow… with a Mandelic Acid peel at Rebecca Treston @ EUROMED

I never really get peels, because I stay away from anything that has down time but I recently tried a Mandelic Acid peel with Rebecca Treston at Euromed. A super mild peel (similar to Glycolic and lactic acid peels, but more gentle), takes a matter of seconds without any down time. I like to get it down after a spectra treatment. Rebecca applies it on the skin for a few seconds before quickly neutralising it, removing it and applying a cooling mask. It gives the skin an instant glow, whilst evening it out and repairing damaged skin. Highly recommended!

Curl your lashes… with a lash perm @ Sisters beauty lounge

The reason I love mascara is the curl you get with some definition and colour. I never knew you can actually book in for an eyelash perm to semi permanently curl your lashes – perfect for the summer when you don’t want to be wearing much make up. I recently tried the eyelash perm at Sisters beauty lounge in Dubai Mall. After being taken to the coffee bar, I was greeted by Sheila, my beautician into a private dedicated room where I got to lay down on their comfortable beauty beds. The eyelash perm chemicals are very similar to the ones used on the hair except with a lot more similar so I was slightly sceptical in the beginning. The total treatment time was an hour and involved two gel sittings that slightly burnt my lids, but Sheila made sure to be vocal in order to know when to wipe the treatment off. Personally, I loved the effect of the lashes – as if they were curled very well but one I’d have for weeks. My only pointer is the fact that make your lashes appear shorter especially if you have straight lashes generally so I went on for lash extensions a few days later.

Cost: AED335