The Essential Make up brushes you need.

June 13

Personally, a good make up brush is as important as good make up. The make up brushes I usually use are MAC, make up for ever, sephora and techniques. I recently attended a brush house with make up for ever at Al Qasr hotel to educate us on the 76 new brushes they’ve launched – all synthetic, without any animal fur. They are all within different categories – Face, eyes, lips and Artistic. They educated us on the ones our own make up routines need, as well as others that are more for pro use. Something interesting that I learnt that day (because you should never stop learning…) what the difference between the types of fibres as some are listed as straight, wavy or straight wavy. The different fibres mean different results. The straight fibre brushes take more product on the brush and give better coverage where as the wavy fibre brushes take less product, are more for a powder application and give off a medium coverage. PS on the other end of the brushes, the wood can be used as make up tools to apply product. Genius.


They also just launched a fab new brush cleaner to add to your make up shopping list… Make up For Ever’s Instant Brush Cleaner which is a light oil, needs no rinsing and dries super quick – best for daily cleanse rather than a weekly full shampoo cleanse.


My 10 favorites brushes…


1) 410 straight – For a full face coverage and perfect for the Make up for ever Face & Body foundation.

2) 414 wavy – For bronzers and shimmers before a night out.

3) 228 straight – Eyeshadow brush, for the base colour

4) 242 wavy – blending eyeshadow brush

5) 304 straight – lip brush for a natural colour rather than darks

6) 260 straight – perfect cat liner brush

7) 108 straight – a good foundation brush

8) 144 – airbrush concealer brush

9) 148 – for highlighters

10) 152 – a blush brush, for cream and powder.