Tried & Tested: Hair Treatments in Dubai.

April 16

I love hair treatments as they keep my hair highly nourished and hydrated so I like getting two treatments a month. I’ve gone to a few of my favorite salons in the city to round up and see which helped my hair, who gave scalp massages and comparing costs.


credit: Lylalovesfashion

credit: Lylalovesfashion

FOR… Instant Nourishment before a Blow Dry.

Name: Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque

Brand: Macadamia Natural Oil

Salon: Snob Salon on Al Wasl Road.

Process: The Masque was applied evenly on to the roots and ends before getting tied up, covered in plastic, and applied under the steamer for 15-20 minutes before being rinsed out thoroughly. The hair was then dried and good to go. It took around an hour and a half altogether.

Massage? No

Smell: Smells good, a mix of Argan Oils and Macadamia oil. My hair smelt good all day!

How it felt: My hair felt super soft and nourished post treatment. It also smelt fresh and amazing ALL day.

Recommended therapist: Rana


Cost: AED150

Stars: 8/10 – I wouldn’t come here especially to have the treatment, but I’d definitely do it as an add on to a blow dry I was having at SNOB (they are amazing at blow dries and curling.)


FOR… a Relaxing and Color Care treatment

Name: Kerastase hair treatment

Brand: Kerastase

Salon: Pastels Salon, Jumeirah branch

Process: Started off with the Kerastase Elixir for pre cleanse and massage, moving on to the treatment for Hair damage and colour care (as I just got my Ombre done). The Kerastase hair treatments are bespoke to the condition of your hair. Mine included Vita-Ciment Concentrate and the boosters – Ceramide (for reconstruction of the hair) and Polyphenols (to improve and maintain the colour shine.)

Massage? Yes (Best head massage!)

Smell: The smell of Kerastase products, nothing fancy.

How it felt: Conditioned, and my head felt relaxed.

Recommended therapist: Nancy


Cost: AED195

Stars: 9.5/10 – They also have all the latest magazines which I love as well as their flat shower beds!

FOR… Luxury nourishment.

Name: Caviar hair treatment by Kerastase

Brand: Kerastase

Salon: Maria Dowling Salon

Process: After getting the hair washed with shampoo, the caviar pearls and cream are mixed together and applied on the hair. This was left on the hair with a foil for 20 minutes before being washed off.

Massage? None (boo!)

Smell: Subtle scent from Kerastase

How it felt: My hair felt super soft, hydrated and nourished, which was much needed after a recent colour.

Recommended therapist: Rani for the treatment and ask for Nicola Day for the stylist – she gave me the best braid hairstyle!


Cost: AED450

Stars: 8.5/10

FOR… A Quick yet effective hair treatment.

Name: Booster Hair treatment by Kerastase

Brand: Kerastase

Salon: Jetset Salon (I went to the Grosvener house branch)

Process: The hair was washed, sprayed with a booster that deeply nourishes and hydrates dry hair mixed with a tablet to maintain colored hair followed a scalp massage.

Massage? Yes! scalp and shoulder (yay)

Smell: Subtle but lovely scent

How it felt: My hair felt SO soft and hydrated

Recommended therapist: Robin for the treatment & Raul for hairstyling.


Cost: AED160

Stars: 9.5/10

FOR… Deep Conditioning

Name: Deep conditioning treatment by Joico

Brand: Joico (I don’t know any other salons other than Tigerlily that have Joico so was super excited to finally try it!)

Salon: Tigerlily, part of Hermione at Magrudy’s

Process: There were 4 parts to the treatment – The clarifying shampoo at the beginning to open the cuticles and remove all the residue from styling products built up in the hair, Cuticle sealer to seal the hair cuticles, 3rd is the reconstructor to repair damaged strands and ending with the Intense hydrator to give your hair all the needed hydration.

Massage? Yes – quite a bit. Loved it 🙂

Smell: Really, really lovely.

How it felt: Relaxing, and my hair really needed the pampering therapy and deep conditioning.

Recommended therapist: Susan


Cost: AED210

Stars: 9/10