How to take care of your Ombre hair.

April 21

Taking care of your colour is just as important as finding a great colourist. After getting some bleach in and the chemicals into your hair, it’s natural for the hair to get a shock, get damaged and if not treated well – for the colour to look brassy and fade away. Since getting my hair Ombre’d, I’ve been visiting the salon twice a month to get a hair treatment as well as changing my shampoo/conditioner routine. One thing we don’t realise is that we need to change our shampoos, conditioners and masks whenever we get our hair coloured or travel to a new country in order to get the best out of my hair. I recently sat down with Pamela, the Kerastase educator to get my hair tested and get the shampoo, conditioner and mask recommendations my hair needs. I decided to write this over a month after using the products to let you know if they actually helped the hair. I’ve been using the below, plus a protein mask with Sweet almond oil from Original & Mineral (Australian haircare brand) and I can’t tell you how much the condition of my hair has improved.

–          Kerastase Immersion Nutritive:

Use -To be used on dry hair (before shampoo) on the mid-length and ends.. for 10 minutes . .

Reason for recommendation – to nourish your hair especially the parts that might be dried out due to color change in the ombre area

–          Kerastase Bain Divalent:

Shampoo that helps balance the oiliness on the scalp, but still nourishes the dry ends

–          Kerastase Chroma captive mask:

Recommendation – mask for colored hair.. will help you to have a long lasting Ombre and a beautiful shine all over the hair

–         Kerastase Elixir Ultime colour oil:

Use – 3 ways to use Elixir

1.       To be applied on the scalp and hair for 3 minutes before shampoo  – this is a precleanser to deeply clean your scalp and hair

2.       Before blow dry on towel dried hair – used nourishment, injection of omega 3,6 and 9, vitamin A, E and plenty of imperial tea (antioxidants to help preserve colour)

3.       On dry hair – Smell, shine + more nourishment.

–          Kerastase Intialiste:

Use – 3 times a week on the scalp (preferably after shower)

Reason – a serum for a better quality of hair – stronger  -shinier. Serum that  works on the future of the hair by working on strengthening it from the follicle.