On my Plate: Comptoir 102, Dubai.

April 18
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Ideal for… A chic mommies lunch for a nutritious meal.


Restaurant name and location: Comptoir 102, tucked away in Jumeirah 1 on Beach Road.

Cuisine: Healthy

Atmosphere: Relaxed, chic and casual atmosphere.

What they say: Telling you what Comptoir102 is about, is like telling a story. Have a sit in the cafe, enjoy a green juice or wander around the store to start hearing it… When we tell our story, it is all about the pleasure of travelling to unearth little treasures and share the rare, the exquisite, the delicate and the confidential creations in interior design, art or fashion accessories. Something you haven’t seen anywhere around before.

Objects that are not objects. They are poesy, art and avant-garde ideas, new trends to emerge. It is about your imagination going.

What to order: The menu changes every single day as they always work with the freshest ingredients but on the day that I was there, those were my picks just incase they bring it back.


-Beetroot & Avocado (with pine nuts, vinegrette, lemon and hazelnut oil)


-Chickpeas, lentil & quinoa salad


-Blueberry smoothie


Service: For such a small cafe, I would hope it was slightly better!


What I loved:

-The menu changes, so you never get bored. The sad thing would be if you’re craving a specific dish!

-The concept. Chic cafe and boutique with quirky finds from Fashion, interiors to homeware.

-Owned by two French chic women living in Dubai – they live and breathe organic and healthy food, and you can see the passion within the concept.

-It’s a stylish hidden gem, and I love that. A place to check out if you like steering away from commercial restaurants.

-A place to visit if you’re looking for Macrobiotic raw and healthy food. They have Gluten free, dairy free and vegan options too.

-They serve Almond milk, which I love and is quite scarce in Dubai.


What I didn’t love as much:

-I personally didn’t dislike this as it makes it different but if you’re a picky eater, this might not be for you as you barely get variety.

-They don’t have a dedicated parking area, so might be tricky if you come in during a busy time.


Bill for two: AED250


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