Tricks of the Trade by Guerlain's regional Make up Artist, Gary Cooper

April 10

I recently met up with Guerlain’s regional Make up Artist, Gary Cooper for a one on one session. I’m a huge fan of Guerlain make up – not only is the packaging amazing, and everything smells so damn good – The products do everything you want them to do. During our session, I picked up tips from Gary that I learnt, and wanted to share them with all of you… also asked the Make up expert on HIS favourite products.

-Use Concealer under the eyebrows, corners of eyes and on the nose as a highlighter.

-He swears by their Guerlain BB cream – Use it as a base before foundation if you’re going out at night.


-If you struggle with finding where to apply a blush, cross two brushes together. Cool technique!


-Skin care is very important. You don’t have to go crazy as long as you clean, tone and moisturise your skin. This is the base. I would rather sell a skin care first and then the make up.

-For Tanned, bronzed skin – don’t start dark. You have to find the perfect number of shade for your skin, then if you want to go darker you can build it up. Terracotta is great for that. You can do the figure 3 on your face for a best result.You just take your brush and draw the figure 3 along the jaw line. So it will be 3, 3, nose and chin. Every Guerlain assistant should teach you that when you buy Terracotta. It works very well.

-For illuminators, I would just use it with a brush on the nose. You can also use it on your chest because it has beautiful gold reflects, but very little again. I will not use it all over the face, it would be overdosed. There is a lovely gold powder for that. We do have those powders to correct the face. The green one, for example, is to correct the tone. You can mix them. It is very nice under the eyes or as a finishing powder. Within the new collection we have a new Meteorites. “Illumination pearls”. It does finish your make up or highlight, illuminate. It gives a wonderful reflect to your skin and we have it in compact powder now.