Treatments to try this month: The best reflexology, Celebrity lashes, a Vanilla bliss wrap, Argan oil Hair Botox, and an Organic facial.

April 7
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Discover a Reflexology gem… Feet Lounge, Bay Avenue Dubai

Dubai has become so interesting… I love discovering gems that aren’t mass. I recently booked in for an appointment at the Feet lounge in Dubai for a 60 minute foot massage. The little lounge is from Bangkok, Thailand and is situated in the brand new Bay Avenue in Business Bay, and offer their best selling full body massage (the phone was constantly ringing for appointments!) and their pure blend oil foot massage. It’s very straight forward – tiny reception (literally.), you fill in a quick form on your pressure needs and you go right in. For the foot massage, it was in a little room with a huge sofa chair (super comfortable that reclines), I was given a blanket to cover myself, and the lights were dimmed for the massage. If you’re looking for a really good foot massage, and a chance to give those soles some major pampering, this is definitely the place to check out. The massage was quite deep, even though I went for the medium pressure, and she made sure to also massage the calves which is great to keep the blood circulation active. Price wise, it’s completely affordable with AED150 for a 60 minute massage – add AED20 and you get a head and shoulder massage with it.

An Argan Oil infused… Hair Botox by AmazonKeratin at Amro Salon

I recently booked in for EIDEAL’s Amazon Keratin BTX smoothing treatment at one of Dubai’s top and oldest salons, Amro Ladies Salon (specifically their brand new brach at JW Marriott Marquis, but they have a ton around town with top stylists – they also offer nail & skin services!) I love my hair botox and keratin treatments so I’ve tried my fair share. This has got to be one of my favourites so decided to share it in this month’s treatments to try. The treatment is a smoothing and straightening treatment that works on all hair types using natural ingredients (including wheat protein, keratin, Aloe Vera & collagen) that nourish the hair, repair damage and infuse amino acids. One thing I loved about it that I never felt with other treatments was the fact that it smells good – a subtle Argan oil scent. My hair felt smoother, healthier, shinier and also adds a protection against environmental factors. The treatment started with a wash using botox shampoo, before getting the treatment applied on the hair (it smells great, but due to the treatment not being comfortable to inhale, I was given a mouth cover), the hair was then straightened (it burnt the eyes slightly, but nothing compared to the usual keratin, botox or brazilian blowouts I’ve done.), as soon as that was done, the hair was directly washed in ice cold water without any shampoo and dried – it didn’t have to be blow-dried and my hair looked like it was straightened and blowed out! PS it has got to be the fastest hair botox I’ve done.

Just make sure to not get it done after colouring the hair as it lightens it up. 

Get rid of dead skin… with a Moroccan Bath at Snob Salon & Boutique

I’m usually not the biggest fan with getting a Moroccan bath or Hammam anywhere but a hotel but I recently popped over to Snob Salon & Boutique, not only are they pretty, conveniently located by Spinneys Umm Suqueim, they also have fab quality services. The Moroccan bath have their own assigned changing area and hammam room which I loved (you rarely get privacy with this treatment). As soon as I arrived, I was given a Snob towel and disposable flip flops before making my way in… The session started with Moroccan soap applied all over my body before left to relax in the steam for 15 mins, this is when the skin softens and the skin is prepped for the intensive scrub. My therapist, Armie then made her way in to scrub me all over using a glove (I love how you can see the dead skin falling off… it gives you that sense of cleanliness.) A vegetable mask was then evenly spread on the body post scrubbing to soothe, nourish and soften the skin with a 5 min steam session to let the skin absorb the mask before being washed off. I loved how the hair was washed and conditioned (as many hammams don’t do this for you, and it really helps instead of washing the hair right after you get home.) I was all dried up, and had rose water applied to the skin before finishing up. The cost of the treatment is AED250

Recommended therapist: Armie

Get an Organic Facial… with Eminence’s White & Bright facia at Sugar Urban Spa

I’m a little obsessed with Eminence at the moment that I also use their products at home as well as love their facials. 100 percent certified Organic brand with a celebrity fan base including Jessica Biel and Olivia Wilde. I recently booked in for a 75 minute White & Bright facial at Sugar Urban Spa Mall of the Emirates (they also have a larger branch at JLT) Perfect for skin that needs a pick me up, and to lighten pigments that our skin gets from sun damage and hormones. The facial started off with cleansing, a light scrub with mists in between to neutralise the skin. The main highlight was the Yam & Pumpkin enzyme peel for deep exfoliation that has 7 alpine plants that lighten and brightens the skin (the natural ingredients make the skin tingle, which gives it a glow!) A mask was then applied with a relaxing massage – A great treatment to brighten the skin and lighten pigments, my face felt bright and hydrated.

Cost is AED450

Recommended therapist: Sushkita

For the Vanilla lovers… Try the Vanilla Body Wrap at Silkor

Calling all Vanilla scent lovers… yep I’m one. I know many people (including myself) that swear by Silkor for their laser but I always seem to forget about the other fab treatments they have. I recently tried the Vanilla wrap being a vanilla lover, their best seller treatment among the brides. Wraps are great for the body in order to highly moisturize, soften, tone and detoxify. My treatment began with the Vanilla & rice paste (which smelt delicious and has vanilla essentials and algae & plant extracts) before being covered in a heated wrap for 20 mins which was relaxing (and even ended up dozing off!) The treatment was finished off with vanilla powder dusted off on the body, Vanilla bliss! The cost of the treatment is AED700, a hefty price but worth it for your big day.

Relax… with the Amara Massage at Park Hyatt Spa

As mentioned, being a spa junkie and a person that has visited over hundreds of spas, I rarely get super impressed but this has got to get my list of one of the best spas. Beautiful, beautiful spa – you feel the serenity as soon as you see the Amara sign… The spa is situated at the Park Hyatt Hotel by the Creek but it was worth the drive… I was booked in for an Amara massage, their signature one. A 60 minute deep rhythmical massage using their signature oil, which was a blend of Frankincense, Amber and Sandalwood. I had a whole room and terrace to myself, had my massage in the room and the foot soak & post tea on the terrace, which was lovely… I loved the privacy. The pressure is bespoke and customised to your needs as well as the music (where you’re given a music menu) and the bed felt like an actual bed with sheets and super cosy – perfect for a morning or evening massage.

Recommended therapist: Amy

Get Celebrity lashes… with the woman behind celebrity lashes, Laila at Pastels Salon.

Beautiful lashes make all the difference in the world. I’m not big on lash extensions and prefer the temporary ones but Pastels recently hired the lady behind celebrity lashes in the UK, Laila and I had to try her out. Before starting, make sure you know the session takes between 1.5 to two hours. When I spoke to Laila previously before my appointment, she said to come tired so I can just sleep through (best idea as you catch up on sleep whilst getting fab lashes!) so I came in right after three flights (a day of traveling). Pastels, one of my favourite salons in Dubai have their own dedicated lash room upstairs in their Wasl road villa with a super comfortable bed and blanket to keep me warm. I’ll be honest, I just slept through (made lash extensions so much easier). Laila just knows her stuff about lashes – the in’s and outs. Each session is completely customised to your lashes, depending on their length, volume and their condition. I just went with extensions on my top lashes due to time constraints and after approximately an hour and 45 minutes, Laila woke me up from my nap – made sure I was comfortable with them (had a mild burn that went away 2 mins after drying them)in whilst blinking and also gave me a consultation on my lashes and how to improve their condition – as well as tips on how to maintain the extensions. I must say for two weeks post the appointment, I rarely wore make up (I’m a daily smokey eye kind of girl) but I just felt the lashes made my eyes look larger, the lashes looked thick and curled – and more striking and actually trained my eye to not need a smokey eye during the day. If you want to get lash extensions done, I suggest you do your research as you don’t want to end up with infections. I highly recommend you check out Laila at Pastels Wasl Road.

Cost: AED650 is the introductory cost for the top lashes

Try a brand new hotel spa… at the Conrad Hotel Spa.

Lots of new hotels popping up in Dubai, so I’ve been on the hunt to see what they’re about. There’s been quite a buzz on the Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road – I need to check out their restaurants too! I popped in to check out their Conrad Spa for a Deep Muscle Relief massage after a workout. Each spa has a look and this one is all about the colour blue… They have LED lights around, which unconsciously relaxes the mind. When I asked my therapist why, she mentioned blue (water) is one of the elements of the earth so they took advantage of that. As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed with an iced tea and hot towel before taken inside to the small, but perfectly equipped changing area (They have L’Oreal Ellnet sprays in the bathrooms – extra points!), before taken inside by my therapist Npho. The 60 minute massage was done with a gel first to warm up the muscles followed by an oil with firm and deep pressures. After finishing off the treatment completely relaxed, I was shown to the relaxation room, where I had their signature Alzakar tea – Black tea & papaya with a bowl of fruits. The cost of the massage was AED470.

Conrad’s Hotel website

Brighten your skin… with a Lactic Acid peel at Rebecca Treston @Euromed

I’m not a fan of peels and never gotten one done either. I recently tried a very light acid peel, the Lactic Acid one and was super impressed. I recommend you get this done every now and then (you don’t want to thin out your skin) but a great & fast way to brighten, light and deep cleanse the skin. Lactic acid is more expensive than the others but definitely worth investing in. Slightly smelly, the liquid is brushed on the skin after being cleansed (or can be done after a spectra treatment with Rebecca). No down time and quite quick, the acid is applied to the skin, quickly neutralised after a few seconds then removed. Benefits include fading dark pigments, a quick deep cleanse, exfoliation, evening and instant brightening.