My Week With Right Bite

March 4

I’ve tried my fair share of Food delivery programs – whether in Dubai or when I was living in London. Personally, I find the invention of food delivery diet programs genius. Eating better and healthier has always been more difficult than working out regularly. With many options on the market, it’s easy to get confused and not know which one to go with…I’ve been hearing so many great things about Right bite, I decided to go ahead and try it for a week.


Before starting the program, I booked in for an introductory consultation with the lovely and knowledgable dietician, Riham – she sure does know what she’s talking about! During the session, she spoke to me about my current diet as well as tips for me to follow as well as weighing me and measuring me. You are then able to book in for check ins during your program to monitor everything from your weight, fat/muscle levels to your measurements. Right Bite don’t have one fixed program, they have quite a few options from Weight loss, athletic, maintenance all the way for pregnancy. If you’re not the one for commitments, they also have a food delivery menu (just like you were ordering from a restaurant) to Skinny delights where you can order low fat cakes, pastries and cheesecakes (their Lemon cheesecake is just amazing.)


Through out the week, everything ran smoothly – my right bite bag was left outside at 5am early enough to start my day and they picked up the cooler bags in the evenings – They’re also a green company, where you can send back your packaging rather than throwing them out. What I loved was the fact that I felt taken care of, I had a CSR – Customer Service representative, Emily that was assigned to make sure everything was running smoothly – whether it was via calls or emails – which I never had an issue with.


The Food was delicious, flavourful and everything was just fresh. Having tried a few programs here in Dubai, Right Bite has been my favorite so far – quality dishes that are nutritious, yet also delicious. Most competitors tend to sacrifice on one or the other. Being on the Weight maintenance program, it allowed me to have a balanced diet rather than over snacking on things I shouldn’t have. Due to the variety and large portions, I never really had cravings (other than coffee of course) and was always satisfied with the food. To make this digestible, I’ve put together some pro’s and con’s as well as my favourite dishes from the week (that you must choose if you choose to go on Right Bite, if you aren’t already on it.)



-Variety of food, it never gets boring and I like that.

-The foods you would crave in low fat versions but still so satisfying.

-Every dish was filling, I sometimes couldn’t finish my whole dish.

-The food labels explain everything from the food, the type of meal and details.



-Difficult for someone constantly on the go like me.

-Being someone who eats out a lot, its difficult to plan meeting lunches and dinner nights out but that’s no excuse!


Favorite dishes

-Whole wheat cheese croissant (Tasted exactly like a croissant without the extra grease)

-Chicken Shawarma pizza on whole wheat dough (flavorful)

-Vanilla kisses (biscuits with vanilla paste)

-Whole wheat baguette with low-fat halloumi cheese (breakfast, filling with delicious fresh bread)

-Lemon cheesecake (one of the best lemon cheesecakes I’ve had!)

-Whole wheat cheese manakeesh (tastes just like Reef bakery!)

-Grilled chicken burger with potato wedges (with pickles and mustard, yum! as satisfied as I’d be with a burger but didn’t feel as stuffed)

-Chocolate oat biscuit (satisfies a crunch and chocolate crave)

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