My Dolce & Gabbana Beauty experience in Milan, Italy.

March 5

I recently flew out to Milan with Dolce & Gabbana Beauty for beauty workshops during Milan Fashion Week. Staying in the heart of Milan, amongst the fashion week glamour at the Westin Palace Hotel (loved the fashion illustrations in the rooms) – we started our first day with a Make up workshop- one with Silvia Incardona on the scientific side of the make up followed by one with Make up god, Pat McGrath backstage before the show to talk about the beauty look she has gone for this season.

Day one:


An early start to the day with a breakfast that included fruit pieces, custard croissant and crepes – I was ready for first activity.

We headed to the Dolce & Gabbana headquarters and was served tea and coffee in Dolce & Gabbana cups and tea sets before heading into the workshop.


Once we got into the room for the private workshop room, filled with Dolce’s red roses – we met Silvia Incardona, who looks after the scientific side of the brand’s make up and what goes behind the beauty, as well as how much science goes into the beauty range. Silvia spoke about the key ingredients in beauty products – and what makes products look the way they are – example Talc and cerussite crystal in the powder formulas in order for them to turn transparent when wet or in contact with humidity. to not turn dull and sugary over time.


We were also introduced to the three new products to be launched by the beauty brand – The new pressed powder, an eyebrow liner and cream lipsticks.


-The new pressed powder is made to remove skin and leave skin looking natural, whilst being a corrective powder with a radiant touch. It contains the mineral ingredient ‘Mica’ in order to create a uniform glow, hence the reason it includes Talc & Cerussite (as mentioned above).


-Their brand new eyebrow liner is a key new product for them, which as a triangular tear shaped tip – the thin part for definition and the thick part of filling. The formula makes it softer than other brown pencils, but not one that smudges everywhere. Long lasting, soft and water resistant.


-Lastly, the cream lipstick formulas have been updated. More comfortable on the lips, full coverage and high pigments, long lasting & 50 percent of it will take care of the lips and add hydration.


Day two:

We started the day with a visit backstage at the Dolce & Gabbana where beauty genius, Pat McGrath spoke about the dreamy beauty look for the Dolce show. Pat talked about the show make up being based on a fairy tail – wanting the girls to look really beautiful – with an eyeliner, looking super enchanting. The make up she used was the illuminating foundation over good skin that was exfoliated and moisturised. For the foundation, she used a shade darker followed by a paler shade along the chin, nose, and forehead to make them look as if they were lit from within with a flawless finish. For the eyes, they used the Desert quad eye shadow, followed by an eyeliner – she started with a black pencil for the tip, then on top a glam liner over the pencil. The lashes were curled, followed by the intense eye mascara in black intense on the top and lower lashes. Their brand new creamy eyeshadows (coming out very soon) were used in shades like Innocence, Goldest, Cocoa, and pearly on the centre of the lids via finger application. For the brows, their brand new pencil was used (my favourite amongst their brand new ones), which has a triangular tip to fill in the brows in a soft brown shape – Pat doesn’t like a very hard shape, and just keeps the ends free. The look was finished off with the Classic cream lipstick in honey with a side application of the Aqua lip gloss on the centre of the lips for luminosity.

The look was probably one of my favourites from fashion week – it looked like a modern, young Sophia Loren iconic look with a fairytale/princess touch, whilst using the new products coming out in the next year.