My Beauty Routine by TV personality, Ereka Vetrini.

January 17

American TV Personality (The Apprentice) and the Brand ambassador for beauty tech brand, TRIA was recently in Dubai promoting the brand. I had the chance to sit down with Ereka to talk about the brand, and her beauty routine. 

Ereka… Tell me about TRIA.

You know, there are so many beauty services where you can spend so much money for so many years… like laser hair removal, age defying laser technology….TRIA has invented something amazing and has decided to give this power into your hands; for home use. Instead of making you pay for years and years for the same services. I feel passionate about the brand; I feel lucky to be associated with them and their products. And they all work – I’m not just saying that because I represent them!

Which one is your favorite?

I am Italian, so hair has always been an issue for me. You know when you get hair removal…


yes, it kills….

Yes; but you know it is working at least. With TRIA you have to do it regularly, every other day for three months to get permanent results. With this new device, which has just been updated, the treatment is even more effective.


Do you travel with it?

Always. Not when it is a night flight, but when I have a long flight yes. And this; is what is coming next….the Age Defying Laser. You know, I am 37, so I have wrinkles, age spots… So to use it you select a level and simply apply in different areas. You can treat more frequently with this one. Do it before going to bed because you will get some redness. People are familiar to Botox, injections, things like that; but this method is another way, without injection, to make your skin look much much better. It goes deep down to your dermis, you can feel it while working. Penetrating beams of light continuously rebuild collagen beneath your skin’s surface to make it look radiant and younger. No more age spots, wrinkles… it is unbeatable. When I joined the company they were talking about it and I was very excited by the idea. I talked about to all my friends but they were saying: ”Who is going to need that?”… but this is revolutionary is many ways. And people who need it, know about it. It is the same with Laser hair removal, and the Blue Light Therapy.


I know about Blue Light Therapy, I have read about it and it was quite popular in Dubai.

The reason why it is not effective at a dermatologist office is that bacteria comes back daily; so you need to do it frequently. And that’s why we have this new treatment now. It penetrates deep within the skin to eliminate acne causing bacteria at the source. We recommend to use it for a total of five minutes once daily or two minutes and a half twice a day, after you have washed your face. It is really soft and gentle, it is beautiful.


What are your favorite beauty products?

I am obsessed with shampoo.This one is PhilipB. The smell stays in your hair forever. This is the Oud Royal Conditioner. This is one of my favorite, the Forever Shine. I am a big beauty tools person because I have to get out of the door as quick as possible. Do you have CHI blow-dryers here?


No, we don’t, but I will check them out.

They are amazing! Make up for Ever is my foundation. I am usually living on camera world but I like to feel I don’t wear a mask when I am off & Make Up For Ever is for me the best. I have this little secret….you know, Jennifer Lopez has the same… It is a tiny head; you shine it down your nose and big cheeks. You can play with it, it can make your nose look thinner, it is amazing. It is from the net. I know this is discontinued but you can still get it on line on for example.


What is always in your beauty bag?

I always carry a lip gloss, Chanel, number 15B.


What bronzer do you use?

I use one by Laura Geller. In TV we all use it. And I also use their highlighter which is really nice. And you know, at the moment I am obsessed by the hair Donut. It is genius! You can take it with you everywhere, even in a club. You just pull back, you stick this thing and you grab your hair on it and you have this amazing bun! The thicker and longer your hair is, the better it looks.


Do you take any vitamins supplements?

I do. I am a vegetarian so I take iron.


Do you try to eat clean?

Yes of course! I am a kind of freak about it. I think we always talk about dieting in the States; but I do not diet; I just eat right.


What is your fitness regimen?

I run a lot, I kick box.


Whenever I am in New York I try to go to Flywheel & Physique 57. I haven’t tried Barry’s Bootcamp yet but I have heard that it was very intensive.

You know about Barry’s? That is insane! I was just talking about it before you arrived! I haven’t gone either but I love when it is intense. Equinox is my gym.


Is there a facialist or dermatologist that you swear by?

You know, I don’t really get facials. I know I should but I use my Panasonic every day and my Blue Light. I never take those pills; antibiotics are not good in the long term.


What is your signature fragrance?

I don’t have one. When I wear one it is usually Amazing Grace by Philosophy, but you know I am always with my kids, and always in close contact with people. And especially in TV some people are weird about fragrance.