Highlights of my month: October 2013

November 2

Fragrance: Fragrance combining at Jo Malone stores

I never knew Jo Malone had fragrance combining sessions open for consumers at no charge where you can speak to one of the well trained men and women that work in the store about the kind of scent you are looking for. The brand is known for their high fragrance, yet simple ingredients that allow you to mix different scents to come up with your customized smell. I recently popped over for a session… Being a fan of the Blue Agave & Cacoa, Fragrance Director, Chris Wyatt helped me come out with a fragrance mixture that still stayed to my roots, yet added a bit of quirk. We went with Nectarine Blossom and Honey, which made the fragrance fresher, with a summer twist with the Peach. The brand is known to then give you an experience with a hand massage starting with a wash using the shower gel in your fragrance, followed by the cream and a spritz of the actual fragrance. What an experience… If you haven’t done it, pop over to one of the Jo Malone stores stat.


Photo: Fat Bottom Slim

Photo: Fat Bottom Slim

Workout: Flywheel/Flybarre themes

As you know, I am a Flywheel and Flybarre addict – it’s the perfect mix of workouts. Your cardio at flywheel and your toning at Flybarre, you leave both feeling challenged. The best part of it? The music. One thing that keeps the workout continuously exciting are the themes they have on a weekly basis. Sign up for their newsletters for their upcoming ones. A few of my previous favourites were JayZ vs Coldplay, Divas vs Gansters, and a Britney Spears theme. I’ll let you in on a secret to their upcoming ones…. Sandance Flywheel and Flybarre themes. shhh! To sign up, click here

Phone: Sony Xperia L

I recently used a Sony Xperia L phone for a week. Call me a tech-phobe (I know I have a blog… but I’m quite useless with tech) or maybe it’s the fact that I’m so used to using the Blackberry and iPhone… so I did find this quite confusing to use. But here’s a breakdown of the phone if you’re planning on upgrading or moving to an Android. It reminded me of the Nokia Lumia if you’ve ever used that/own one.

+Camera is super – sharp images.

+Large screen, which makes everything look so much better.

+/-Touchscreen – good and bad. Slick to use, but a bit too touch sensitive.

-If you’re not an Android user, give yourself time to get used to this phone.

Dessert: Cookies by Craves

Calling the cookie lovers! I recently discovered Craves – a Home delivery service for delicious gourmet cookies. I tried the Nutella stuffed cookies, carrot cake, Peanut butter and red velvet and they were moist and soo good.

For more details on their menu, and how to order – check out

Camera: Canon 100D

I have been using Canon cameras for so long… Ever since I bought my first Canon, I’ve never switched. Easy to use, and the camera takes the best pictures. I’m pretty sure I’ve influenced most of my closest friends to buy at least one Canon. They recently came out with their brand new 100D. The lightest SLR, takes amazing pictures and super easy to use. I also like the touch screen aspect to it. It’s definitely for someone that wants an SLR for Leisure and isn’t a professional photographer, but enjoys taking good pictures. Here’s my breakdown…

+Quite small and light for an SLR camera.

+Easy to use, just like using a normal digital camera.

+slick touch screen

+Creative auto mode for beginners

+Image quality is insane

-If you’re a professional photographer, don’t go for this.


Food delivery: Just Falafel

I have not seen Dubai on a more creative high and I love it. The rise of new ideas by home grown businesses really makes me proud. I have been hearing about Just falafel (as well as ogling on the food that show up on my facebook feed, and have been meaning to try it for a while. I recently ordered in to try out their new dishes that can also be healthy including super foods such as Chia Seeds & Quinoa – including the falafel burrito, organic quinoa salad and their four new desserts – banana pudding, carrot cake, date cake and knefe. I love the modern twist on signature arabic fast food. I also loved the minimal brown box packaging with fun colored labels. The food also felt surprising light, yet extremely filling – the burrito without anything on the side is more than enough! For more details, click here


As an online shopping lover, I also love shopping online for my baby Bambi. is great because you can buy anything from collars, treats to toys as well as shop by breed. They also have Treat boxes for your pups that come out throughout the year that always feel super special as it has a mix of interesting things from Dog tea to hydrate them, colourful costumes/bandanas, treats to toys. Bambi enjoyed his Summer treat box, and can’t wait to treat him to the next one… Shop here


Photo: Khaleejesque

Stationery: The Neon Gifts

I’m a sucker for good stationery… They’re great to keep and perfect as gifts. I was recently introduced to a local brand, The Neon Gifts which is now available online and soon to be available in stores. The brainchild of a super sweet designer I met at Fashion Forward, Hessa Ahmed. You can find everything from Candy notebooks, Eid cards to Eid money pockets. Adorable… To shop those Bespoke gifts, click here

Car: Mini Cooper Paceman

I’ve been a MINI driver since I got my license five years ago. I used to have the Mini Sport (old version) and now have the classic. I recently drove a paceman for the weekend, which looks like a much larger version to the typical MINI car. The vehicle has the new updated system so it feels more high tech to what I’m used to – the car is a lot more spacious which is perfect as a day car. Even though the car has two doors, it’s quite spacious at the back (like a normal car) and even has two coffee cup placers between the two seats at the back – four people can sit comfortably. Another plus to the car is the fact that it has a navigation system, as well as the censor screen.

I’m contemplating whether upgrading to the Paceman…

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