Five Minute Workout: Yoga at Talise.

September 10
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When it came to stretching, I would always pick Pilates over Yoga because I never found a Yoga class I fell in love with. Now that I’m doing the Wellness retreat with Talise Spa, Al Qasr – I had to do Yoga classes on the beach as part of the program. I was happy that I pretty much felt forced to join because I struggled with tight hip flexers when I’d be doing my barre workouts. After doing one class with Talise, I fell in love – the yoga class went by so fast (I always felt like yoga never ended…), the view was just BEAUTIFUL (the beach, serene waves, 101 and Burj Al Arab.), the instructor made new students feel welcome, and it also just felt relaxing whilst getting deep stretches and a balance challenge. I know I’m not the only one in this situation of needing to add Yoga to my workout, yet not loving it. This led me to ask one of the instructors, Shibashi to show me a few moves that I can do at home some mornings, and would only take five minutes but I also highly recommend you check out the class.

If you are a Yoga fan, you might like to know Talise are running a Yoga retreat from September 19th-21st.

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