My Wellness Retreat Experience with Talise.

September 27
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This Summer, I signed up for a four week Wellness retreat package at Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah. I’m quite naughty once it comes to eating, and tell myself my active lifestyle and love for fitness compensates that. So when I heard about the Wellness retreat, I was eager to sign up, and what an amazing, and educational experience I went through. Franky this felt like a treat to my body, and as close as I can get to an amazing retreat in my own city.


My journey consisted of…


Body scan:

The package started by meeting Dr Elisabeth Makk to talk about my concerns, followed by a body scan which showed the water within my body and cells, my muscle mass, my BMI, my fat mass etc. They then do another body scan at the end of the month to see the changes after the course of the retreat program


Human Regenerator:

“The human Regenerator is a quantum pulse device which generates electromagnetic impulses to naturally regenerate individual cells. Effects include: healing, regulation, strengthening and anti-aging of cells.” You pretty much come in for 30 minute sessions where you lie down in a dark room, star screen on sky, colored lights, a lovely room scent and relaxing music whilst getting the electromagnetic impulses to regenerate your body cells. Did I feel any benefits? Personally, it was a great time to pass out during the day.

Sunset Yoga class:

This goes on all year round, and I highly recommend it. The Yoga class takes place outdoors at sunset with several different yoga instructors. I’m not a huge fan of yoga, but loved this. It’s a mix of Vinyasa yoga, slow, still feels like a workout with a beautiful view and the sound of waves. Not only do you get your workout, as well as the health benefits and strengthening the posture.

Colon Hydrotherapy also known as Colonics:

You might have heard about this from celebrities that swear by this – Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pamela Anderson to name a few. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a Colon Hydrotherapy and didn’t know what to expect. After arriving to the Talise Spa, I filled out a consultation form and was then taken to the room. It really helps having a therapist that is sweet and makes you feel at ease. Kay Vosloo, originally South African with over 14 years in the health and wellness industry spoke to me about the process, and my diet. We tend to forget how important the colon is, and how it contributes to all the other organs. One major thing I didn’t know is the fact that it rehydrates the body as well as the skin. My Initial session was quite gentle, and just felt a bit of discomfort but the half an hour went by listening to Kay’s interesting tips, and how it helps the body. I came back two weeks later, for a follow up hydrotherapy, which ended up being less daunting having done it once before and I actually leaving with lots of energy and fresh – now I know why celebrities love to do it before a red carpet!


Green Tea Detox scrub:

I love getting scrubs regularly at spas to remove all the dead skin, and feels relaxing and refreshing. This one is slightly different because it also detoxifies the body. My therapist used pure green tea scrub by Sodashi, with a hydrating oil. After taking a mid shower to remove the salts, my therapist massaged a seaweed contouring cream to finish the treatment.


Detox wrap:

I’m not usually a fan of detox wraps, but as this was a part of the package – I went ahead and tried it. The treatment started with body brushing, which improves blood circulation followed by the application of a seaweed and algae hot mud that is left on the skin with a wrap whilst getting a short pressure point massage on the head. After getting in the shower, the treatment ended with the application of contouring seaweed cream. A great detox with a sense of relaxation.

Recommended therapist: Josephine


Detox Massage:

Probably the treatment I was so excited for was the detox massage. Using detoxifying ingredients such as Pink Grapefruit and Juniper berries – that are both diaretics help the body detoxify using medium to strong massage techniques. I was recommended to cut on coffee and drink lots of water to help my body let out the toxins. The full body massage also included a decollate and scalp massage.

Recommended therapist: Ivana


Tips I learnt:

-spend 15 mins daily under the sun to get your vitamin D, as well as having a few minutes for yourself.

-have breakfast before my coffee to avoid snacking on unhealthy food

-Taking a class of yoga during the week can be amazing.

-Colonics aren’t as bad as we think they’re going to be.

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