Highlights of my Month: May & June 2013

June 10

Workout: Xtend Barre Stick at Real Pilates

As a Barre addict, I was over the moon to hear about Xtend Barre’s brand new Barre stick launching in Dubai. A new workout by Xtend Barre using a workout baton demonstrating barre moves. A killer workout. I did a masterclass with the Xtend director, Rockwell and have been addicted ever since. The classes are currently available at their Jumerah Lake Towers branch, and will be available soon at the Palm strip one. To book yourself in, click here.


Nightlife: VIP Room’s Lounge

If I had to choose a club or a lounge, it would have to be a lounge. As a fan of VIP Room in Saint Tropez, I was excited to hear VIP room was opening in Dubai at the tallest hotel, JW Marriott Marquis. I have been meaning to check it out since it opened, and finally headed over to the upstairs lounge for a girls night with my friends last month and I fell in love. I like the concept of a lounge right over the actual club. It’s a great way to dress up, catch up with friends, have some lovely cocktails and when you’re ready to head to the club, it’s a staircase away. Their food is delicious too – it’s a sharing lounge concept for the food but everything is fresh and delicious – they have a great variety of salads to sliders. I also recently celebrated my 23rd birthday there. If you’re planning to head soon, Busta Rhymes is performing next weekend. For bookings, click here.


The Luxury Blowdry: Pierre Doumit of Leticia Haute Coiffure London

When I was in London a few months ago for Fashion week, I was booked in for a luxury blow-dry, which I then had to cancel due to the fact that I got food poisoning. I was very excited to hear that the Creative Director, Pierre Doumit was dropping to Dubai for some client appointments (he has some royal clients who get their hair colored, treated and cut by him), I had to finally give him a go. Pierre dropped by to my house, he brings everything and can also wash your hair for you. I was eager to find out how Pierre’s ‘Luxury’ blow-dry was different from other ones I’ve had. Pierre starts his blow-dries with a 15 minute massage on the head, neck and shoulders before commencing the blow-dry and is known for one of the fastest blow-dries. I might prefer a massage when my hair is getting washed instead, but I loved the fact that my hair was voluminous, wavy and polished in a matter of 20 minutes.

If you’re based in London, Pierre’s Salon is based on Marylebone High street. For more details, click here.


Cooking: Sushi Classes Chez Sushi

I am one of a kind – I’m not really a cook, but really do enjoy cooking classes. I’ve done some great ones… everything from Macaron making to a full fledged French meal. I was so excited to hear about Chez Sushi (they were in last month’s highlights) launching Sushi classes. Chez Sushi would have to be one of my favorite sushi go to’s in Dubai so I knew we were going to make some good Sushi! During my class, we made their signature ones – California (my ultimate favorite!), Spicy Tuna, and Prawn tempura (another favorite). We had a desk with everything we needed, a chef at the head, and a few of Chez Sushi’s experts around us (definitely felt at ease!) I must say I’ve never had as much fun making something, and getting to design our own plates. Post class, the Chef chose the best looking sushi (obviously, I didn’t win), and ended with the best part? Eating our creations. A great way to bond with friends, or just a weekend getaway from everything. Let’s just say, I’ve been craving the Sushis I made since I left Chez Sushi. For more details, click here.



I’m sure most of you will agree buying gifts for occasions and birthdays isn’t exactly the easiest thing nowadays. Most people have everything, end up getting what they really want themselves, and we end up always going for a perfume (I’m definitely guilty.) So not only am I excited about S*uce’s gift concept, but I’ve failen in love with They have gift cards for everything from, Sensasia, S*uce, Boutique1to Vox Cinemas & co. I recently received an N.Bar AED150 voucher in the mail with a thank you letter and must say it made my way. They also have a bridal concept, and one of the things I love most? Everything is digital, so you can send it to your friend on the day of her birthday or an occasion you couldn’t personally make. For your next gift, click here.


Facials: Dermalogica

I’m a huge fan of Dermalogica facials… I usually get them done at Pastels or The Cure. I recently found out they have their own spa here in Dubai at The Dubai Mall, so I made sure to book myself in for a facial. After booking in for a facial, the dermalogica therapists check your skin by asking you questions, giving you a consultation form to fill, followed by their face mapping. My therapist, Judy suggested that I go for a deep cleansing facial, which is a great all over facial deep cleanse, perfect for hydration, and gives off a finishing glow. As always, Dermalogica wins as one of the best facials in my books. So, if you’re hoping to get a Dermalogica treatment done, or just want to try out some products – make sure to check them out. For more on Dermalogica, click here.


Pampering: A day at the Pyramids, Wafi.

With everything popping up in Dubai, its easy to forget the old school ultimate classics in Dubai. Pyramids is one of them. As I grew up in Dubai, when my mom headed to the spa, it was always Cleopatra’s at the Pyramids. With more spas opening up in the Jumeirah area, and more at home services, my mom started discovering ones around the area. This month, I headed to the Pyramids for a deep tissue massage at Cleopatra’s with the lovely therapist, Priya. Even though the spa has been here for ages compared to many others, you wouldn’t know that when seeing the facilities and the rooms. The beds are slightly heated, and are so comfy, it suddenly makes me sleepy. Best of all are the people that work there, the service is ace, very helpful. I try to get a deep massage every two months because of the knots I get on my shoulders, but Priya constantly made sure the pressure wasn’t too strong. I strongly suggest you come in before washing to indulge in the head massage with oil – not only is it incredibly relaxing, the stimulation is great for the hair. The treatment was finished off in the relaxation room with chopped apples and ginger tea.  With all the oil in the hair, and a birthday to attend – I headed straight to Hair at Pyramids right after for a blow dry (convenient that everything is under one roof.) For more Pyramids, click here.


Health and Fitness: high altitude chamber, Talise Fitness

I can count on my fingers how many good gyms exist in Dubai. I recently checked out Talise Fitness in Mina Salam and was impressed with the gym and the vast fitness options they have in there. It reminded me of a Dubai version of Virgin Active Kensington in London. They also have a High Altitude Chamber – the only one in Dubai, which is a small room with low oxygen as if you are working out 2500m above ground – the room includes treadmills, power plate and a few other machines. Sessions last for 90 minutes, where they recommend 12 consecutive sessions. For your first and last class, the trainer does a body composition test checking everything from your water, muscle, mineral tests – where you are to where you need to be. The Chamber speeds up weight loss because you are burning much more in low oxygen levels, increases red blood cells, and lastly a great way to altitude train if you’re going mountain climbing soon. If you’re planning to head there soon, book with Twahir Omar – he’s great. For more details, click here.

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