Highlights of my month: July 2013

July 29

Beauty: Sephora’s loyalty card

Many brands launch loyalty cards, but not every brand is worth registering for. Sephora recently launched their card in the whole GCC (except Kuwait) which is perfect for any beauty shopper. For every 10 dhs, you receive 1 point. After receiving 200 points, you receive a gift from their gift boutique as well as a birthday gift and VIP access to their sales. The card operates on a two tier system – the white one is free, received upon purchase at the store, and after receiving your 200 points, you get your black card in the mail.


Making my own jewelry: Arte Madrid

A few months ago, I was invited to Spanish jewelry store, Arte Madrid to create my own ring. It’s a service they do in their stores which I’ve never heard about. Mirdiff City centre is quite a distance away from where I live so I never head there, it’s hard to believe that they have everything including SNOG frozen yogurt from London.  As soon as I entered the store, I was welcomed by the lovely ladies from Arte, and headed to the VIP room to learn more about the background of the brand. I was then shown the vast styles of rings they have – everything from the old to new. I must say there were a ton of beautiful ones, I struggled to pick one favorite. After choosing my ring – I chose something interesting, eye catching, original, but still very wearable as I like to wear my rings on a daily basis… I was then shown the stones – the different kinds of stones to the different colors. I went for a lovely dark emerald one as it’s an easy color to wear, and goes with pretty much everything without being an obvious neutral. Once that was chosen, my chosen finger was measured, and the order was placed – easy. A few months later, my handcrafted ring arrived from Spain and was delivered to me – It looked better than I hoped. For more details, click here



Hair: EIDEAL Diamonsilk straightener
I haven’t been using straighteners for a number of years now so long gone my Ghd days, but I recently started using this one by EIDEAL when my hair is having a random wave day and it’s just amazing. The ceramic straightener is actually a professional hair product that is available to retail, turns on and heats up quickly, and goes up to  230C (10 seconds to go up to that). Don’t worry though… it has a time control. If you’re looking for a great straightener, here’s your tool. Check out the video above for more details. For more details, click here



Workout: David Kirsch’s ‘Smarter Squats’

I’m a huge fan of trainer to the Victoria’s Secret angels, David Kirsch. I am against bulking up so love a trainer who knows the right workouts to avoid putting on extra muscle. David suggests doing squats with your toes turned out, butt stuck out, lifting your heels to focus on the inner thighs and glutes – also a great way to exercise whilst traveling as you don’t need dumbbells!


Sushi: SushiArt by SushiShop

I’m so excited to share that SushiArt, a concept by SushiShop has been brought to Dubai – at DIFC. You might not know the actual brand, but would recognize the name due to collaborations with Kate Moss, and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. Their packaging is fab, and have come out with cool flavors such as cream cheese, tabbouleh, and Wagyu beef Sashimi. I recently tried the blackbox luxe, which was too chic to eat and the sushi was just delish. Highly recommended and perfect for a girls night in alongside a day of pampering.

For more details, check out

Jewelry: Didi

As you can probably tell, I love my jewelry and my rings… I was recently introduced to Miami based (now London based) jewelry brand, Didi which is stocked at Liberty London. The ring I’ve been wearing is an iridescent blue stone ring that changes tones under light. Here’s a picture of my Didi ring. For more details, click here

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