Highlights of my month: April 2013

May 2

-Girls night in: NBar at Home

There are less than a handful of Nail Salons in Dubai that I consider my all time favorites and one of those would have to be N Bar – one of Dubai’s first top Nail bars. I recently heard the news that they have launched Nbar at Home, and I must say I’m over the moon. I will still have to come in to N Bar, the salon – because it’s an experience, I get to pick up a Starbucks coffee from Palm strip, read the latest magazines, and get a reflexology or massage added to my treatment. But for the days when I just want to stay home, Nbar home is a god send. I recently hosted a little girls night in for three close friends – I booked in for pedicures, brought donuts and coffee, and we caught up over a pampering session. Perfect if you & your girlfriends want to have a night in for a change!
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-Take out: Chez Sushi

I’ve been hearing so much about Chez Sushi (by the same people of Sho Chos!), and pass by it on a daily basis on Al Wasl road, but never have the time to stop by. I finally took some time and picked up some lunch on a weekday and I was impressed – it had to make this month’s highlights. They have a menu you can order from, but also a make your own sushi bar (just like you make your own Subway sandwich). From the same owners of ShoCho’s, you just know it’s going to be good. My favorites would have to be the spider roll, Mango Tango sushi and the Rock shrimp salad. They also have KitKat all the way from Japan with flavors like brown sugar, and Wasabi.
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-Yoga: RAWR

When working out, yoga isn’t the first thing I look for but I constantly hear that we don’t have enough great yoga studios in Dubai from my Yogi friends. I have been to RAWR in Media City a few times – for Bikram Yoga and for Ashtanga Yoga and I was impressed. Not only is the studio super clean and pretty, the staff are sweet. I also love the fact that they have express Bikram classes – the 90 minute Bikram classes used to put me off as I needed three hours more or less to change, get ready, do the class, and then shower before doing anything else.
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-Outing: Dubai World cup

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to the Dubai world cup as I’m never in Dubai whenever it takes place, so I was excited to check it out this year. I was invited by the lovely people at Emirates NBD, and joined my friends for a lovely Saturday day out. There are so many events that go on in Dubai, but there are only a few that are worth going out to and the Dubai world cup is one. The Emirates NBD suite was gorgeous with a jazz theme – the waiters were in 20s inspired uniforms and jazz music in the background. After the actual races, the event was followed by fireworks and a Seal concert. Thank you Emirates NBD!

-Workout: CrossFit @ Reebok Lifespark

I’ve been wanting to try CrossFit for some time now. As a fitness fanatic, that has been the latest buzz since Reformer pilates, Bikram yoga, and Barre. After watching a video on youtube on the workout, I was put off and thought it wasn’t for me. But as someone who is curious in life, and likes trying out different things – I thought I’d give it a go and visit Reebok Lifespark at JLT. Having been in touch with the co-founder, Candice Howe, I finally booked myself in for a class & off I went. Arriving early as it was my first class, I was watching the previous class as it’s open space and repeatedly asked myself what I was doing there. The first thing I told Candice after meeting her was that I was only in for half an hour – FYI I left after 90 mins. Being someone that doesn’t hold weights over 1 kg, I didn’t know how I was going to last but Candice and Ben were just lovely. They want to push you, but not too hard – which is exactly what it was. Candice ended up modifying my weights to 16 kgs – I left getting a great strength workout, learnt how to pick up heavy weights, and leaving as a CrossFit convert.
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-For the best Churros: Maya Mexican restaurant & lounge, Royal Meridien Hotel Dubai

One of my favorite desserts would have to be Churros (I love anything that has a brown sugar/caramel/milky taste) and always on the lookout for great Churros around town. I recently went to Maya for the first time for a friend’s birthday dinner, where we had Churros for dessert. The plate came with around 5 pieces of Churros with 3 dips – Caramel, chocolate and sweet condensed milk. The Churros are quite crunchy, but once you dip them in, they become soft. Heaven bites!

-Website: True & Co

I’ve recently come across a genius lingerie website that has made bra shopping the easiest task now. Even though you might think you know your bra size, each bra brand/style is completely different and I have definitely bought bras that haven’t been comfortable, straps are too loose, they dig in way too much. Once you create an account, you end up doing a True IQ test for your perfect bra, and given selections to choose 3 from, as well as 2 bras chosen by experts. For $45, you end up receiving 5 perfect bras. I love how each one of mine were different in style and color, and fit perfectly.
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Supplement: Essentially Juices

I’m not a huge fan of juices as replacements for meals, but I think they are great supplements so I always tend to have a juice in between meals. I recently was introduced to a Pressed juices brand, Essentially which comes from Norway and ended up going for a supplement order rather than a juice cleanse. They have different options of packages depending on what you want out of it or can go for ‘In the Mix’, where you can customize your mix. I went with that & went for PAM (Pineapple, Apple, and Mint), Orange Roots (Carrot, Apple, and Ginger), Green juice, Spicy Lemonade (Lemonade, cayenne, water, and Aguave nectar), and an additional Cashew milk. I must say I’ve tried so many different juicing companies in the US, UK, and Dubai and most of them are just untasty – which is a shame as I’ve tried pressed juicery in LA, and their juices are just delicious. I was really impressed with Essentially. My favorite sweet juice would have to be PAM – refreshing and gave me the sugar my body needed. Next up was Spicy Lemonade – super light, refreshing and the spiciness definitely gave my body a wake up buzz.
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-Spa treatment: Japanese ritual

I recently indulged in the ‘Japanese Ritual’ at the Atlantis Spa, ShuiQi with my mom – 4 hours of treatments in their Royal Suite. The suite was beautiful – everything from a full fledged bathroom, to a jacuzzi, therapy room with two beds, and a lounge. We started the ritual with a body polish, massage and ended with a facial – all using Shisedo products. My therapist, Florence (who was also Kim Kardashian’s therapist when she was in town) was great – highly recommended. After 4 hours of being heavily pampered, and starved – we had sushi sent over from Nobu for lunch. What an experience. The perfect Mother & daughter date.
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