Recommended Facials in Dubai.

May 11
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Double Serum Facial at Clarins Spa

One of my favorite places for facials would have to be Clarins Spa at The Dubai Mall. First of all, I love the brand Clarins – love their products, definitely under rated here in the Middle East, and I never really knew how great their facials were. When I need a pick me up and a skin wake up, I head to Clarins spa. I am so excited how the brand relaunched their hero product, The Double serum and also launched a Double serum facial. The facial consists of a treatment for your skin – I went with the radiance (as I needed it) where they include an additional 15 minutes anti aging treatment, as well as using the Double serum product. My facialist, Julianne mentioned that the product is so good, they use it within most of their treatments. Not only are the Clarins facials relaxing, they cleanse the skin, hydrate it, exfoliate it and they topped it off with a cooling radiance facial. Great for firming and Anti aging too! Highly recommended.
Clarins Spa, The Dubai Mall.
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Spectra laser with Rebecca Treston at Euromed Clinic

I was booked in for an appointment with one of the best Skin Specialists in Dubai, Rebecca Treston for a Glycolic peel (my first one) . Among arriving to Euromed clinic (which is right by Kitsch bakery on Beach Road). Rebecca had a look at my skin, which she instantly suggested I go for the Spectra rather than the Glycolic Peel. I’ve never heard of the laser before, but soon realized it is the same one they use for tattoo removal. Rebecca assured me that it isn’t painful (which is true, where as Laser hair removal is a different story.) The treatment brightens the face, smoothens the skin, works on wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, clears up acne,and reduces pore size – it sounded like the perfect treatment, even though I’m always put back when laser or needles are involved. Rebecca’s assistant gently cleansed my face, before taking me to the laser room – where two different laser lights were used on my skin. In just 10 minutes I was done, and had mebo applied to my face with a mask over to soothe down the skin. I was told my skin might be irritated the next day, and what I should get from the pharmacy if hives turn up, which thankfully didn’t. Half an hour later, I was at a dinner, loving how clear and fresh my skin got. In terms of any side-effects, all I got was a slight breakout.
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Eminence Paprika facial at Pastels Salon, Dubai

I’ve been hearing about Eminence for a few weeks before I was booked in for this facial – all of Hollywood are obsessed with this organic skincare brand from Hungary, and celebrities like Jessica Biel swear by their treatments. I’ve been to Pastels salon once for a hair appointment, and fell in love with the salon in a whole, so I was looking forward to this. When I asked my facialist what I was going to get out of the facial, she mentioned it would boost collagen, help wrinkles, clear clogged pores – ‘it just does everything at once, and it’s a natural treatment.’ I must say I don’t really have another facial I can compare this to – you constantly feel cold or hot because of the paprika, the cooling masks, the hot and cold towels – which was coincidently a great experience. Unlike other treatments, this works for all skins. The treatment starts off with a cleansing, followed by a mist before the fruit pulp and paprika treatment was put on the face – my skin felt tingly, cold, then hot due to the active ingredients. The paprika was left on my face for a few minutes before getting it wiped off (I was then shown my skin, which looked like it was on fire – super red!) A mist was sprayed on to neutralize the skin before a cooling stone mask was then applied to cool down the skin followed by a fruit mask with antioxidants. This led on to a massage on the arms and face (where I passed out for 10 minutes – deep sleep from how relaxed I was.) and ended with creams, sunscreen and an eye gel. I was glowing, had a slight tint of red and felt super fresh. My skin was also super soft and clear, the gentle peel removed any clogs from the pores, and I was ready to book in for my next facial. PS from how fresh all the ingredients were, you definitely smell the fresh herbs.
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