My Beauty Routine by Caroline de Maigret, Supermodel & Music Producer.

May 18
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To celebrate the opening of Chanel’s Little Black Jacket exhibition in Dubai, Chanel flew the legendary Supermodel, Caroline de Maigret down to Dubai. Being one of my beauty icons, I had the chance to sit down with Caroline, and talk about her beauty routine.


Have you been to Dubai before?

I’ve been here once before – 15 years ago when I first started as a Chanel model. It was so different, I am so excited to come back and see how it changed. It’s also a great cross culture between Asia, Europe and Africa.


What are your favorite products?

Alors… *laughs* I’m addicted to quite a bit – I’m not branding right here. Bioderma make up remover – it doesn’t hurt the eyes and removes heavy mascara (which I love…) For a cleanser, I love Chanel’s Mousse douceur. After you put it on, you feel like you’ve come out of the spa, your skin feels so clean… it’s ridiculous. For the moisture, I swear by Chanel’s Sublimage – soft as silk. For people like me, who have dry skin and starting to age – it’s nourishing… it’s the first time I fall in love with a product. I am quite classic with make up, but like to have fun with nails – I change my nail color every week, very fun!


My Make up routine:

Mascara, lipbalm, and some blush on the cheeks. I’ve been using YSL’s Touche eclat for those bags. I’m so androgynous that when I put too much make up, it looks wrong. I like a natural look more on me.


Vitamins & Supplements:

Magnesium, which is very French.


Health Plus:

The best thing I’ve done is stop smoking.



Joëlle CIOCCO, who I see every now and then.


Beauty tip:

Moisturize, and massage your skin.


Perfect detox juice mix:

I start my day with Carrot, Ginger, Beetroot and orange.


Fitness regimen:

I’m very lazy. I have a kid, which is great fitness.


Hair Miracle:

I tend to use hair drug store products – they’re great! Pantene, L’oreal…  I never use conditioner, but use a Bamboo mask every now and then by Leonor Greyl.


Key to feeling beautiful:

Be Confident & be happy… that’s the key and it’s not something you can buy.