My Beauty Routine by Rockell Williamson-Rudder, International Director, Xtend Barre.

May 8

This week, speaks to Rockwell Williamson-Rudder, the International director of Xtend Barre whilst she was in Dubai to launch Barre Stick at my favorite Pilates studio in town, Real Pilates. Not only is she beautiful, has the best body, she is also a Barre addict and swear by good eyebrow threading. 

-Beauty products I swear by
Obagi Sunscreen and Obagi’s C range. Eminence Rosewhip Moisturiser, ECO tan.  Such a great fake tan with no nasties in it.  I react to normal fake tan but Eco tan is all organic and doesn’t make me itch.

-What’s in my make up bag
Foundation – Tarte Amazonian Clay – very good coverage and a little goes a long way
Powder – Cargo – Blu Ray high definition powder
Cheeks – Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Maui
Eyes – Bobbi Brown Gel liner is the best liner ever!  Shadows –  Bobbi Brown and Dior.  Mascara – Diorshow
Lips – Makeup forever does great Reds, I like number 42 and Moulin Rouge .  If I want a gloss I use Stilla.  Lip care – Budda Balm (yummy flavours) and also Paw paw ointment from Australia.

-Vitamin supplements
Juice Plus and liquid Vitamin B 12 if I have a heavy schedule.

-Perfect detox juice mix
Loving – Spinach, Kale, Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Green Apple and LOTS and LOTS of ginger.

-Favorite healthy dish
Quinoa is my super food and I love it plain or used for salads.  I just bought in Abu Dhabi a great book that I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes from.  It’s called Primal Nutrition by Heather Dale and follows the Paleo Diet.

I have a friend who is an esthetician and she does my peels for me and very European style facials.

Eyebrows – I have threading done and when I am in Australia is see Lita who is the queen of eyebrows

-Fitness routine
Xtend Barre and reformer Pilates.  I have a ballet barre and Pilates reformer in my office and also go to the Xtend Barre studio’s whenever I travel.  Playing with my 2 kids also becomes part of my fitness routine as they have endless energy and I have to keep up with them    When I am back in Australia I always horse ride.  Exercising horses and showjumping is a great workout.

Flying tip – when flying revive your legs by doing 8 plies (bend your knees ) with feet and knees together and 8 releves (going up on to balls of feet) x 3 sets and then put one hand on hip and bend body to side to stretch.  My body doesn’t like being still for so long and doing this makes me feel so much better.

-Skin/Body treatments
Reflexology.  Love it!  Or a great massage. When I do facials I only like express 30 minute ones or a micro or peel.

-Hair Miracle
My hairdresser Zhane Richer, she is amazing and based in Las Vegas where she works in her salon in between doing Celene Dion’s locks.  Purple Shampoo is my other miracle to keep the colour fresh.

-Key to feeling beautiful?
Smiling!  I think we all feel more beautiful when we are happy and our smiles light up our face.