Nail notes: Pre Summer 2013

May 7

CND Shellac Wild Fire 

Shellac is perfect if you’re on the go like me. I preferable like to get shellac manicures every now and then rather than pedicures (as those last longer anyways) My nails usually tend to chip within a few days due to the gym, washing, and on the go. I’m all for the classics at the moment, and in love with the Wild Fire shade. I recently dropped by to the Nail Station’s brand new villa (which looks divine) and got my Wild Fire nails on – The perfect red.

CND Shellac Midnight Swim

Another CND Shellac color I’ve fallen in love with after getting my nails done yesterday at Nail Station… Midnight Swim. As part of the Winter collection in 2012, I still find it such a current color and I tend to wear darks all year round. I’ve been loving blues at the moment. Everything from this shade to bright cobalts. If you’re looking for a rich blue, with a galaxy touch (it has a shimmer/glittery feel) – This is it!


Chanel eastern light and Chanel western light

If there’s an easy way to find out what the current nail trends are, check out Chanel’s current colors – they definitely dictate the colors of the season. I’m currently obsessed with their duo shades that are both completely different, but I love the contrast. One is a dark red/purple shade, where as the other is the most beautiful (white out) shade.


Ciate Colourfoil

Ciate are amazing with launching exciting manicure kits – They had the caviar, velvet, confetti, and now colourfoil, it keeps things interesting. Coming in 3 shades – Carnival, wonderland, and Kaleidoscopic – foils have never been as much fun. I personally like taking them to the salon, but they are made to do yourself.


Nail Station Pastel shades

If you’re not into your brights, pastel shades are the way to go! Any pastel shade you can think of, Nail Station have it. They even sell the Pastel set, which is a perfect gift. I’m also addicted to their nail files… see below.