Introducing my latest project... Style & Crafts for Kids.

May 7

I’m so excited to finally share my latest project that has been a dream of mine for so long. I always said if I wasn’t doing what I am doing, I’d be a teacher. Two of my only aunts own schools, and this has been something I wanted to do, and came to life when I partnered up with apple seeds, a kid’s center from New York City that is located in the Gold and Diamond park. They have a play area, classrooms with exciting classes such as etiquette, robotics, to cooking, and they also have the cutest cafe with the best coffee (or so I’ve been told.) – They also have Flybarre classes once a week (you can book from the Flywheel website!).

A creative class, with a touch of Arts & Crafts – all with a style flair. The course is compiled of seven exciting classes from mood board making, learning about how cultures dress, all the way to creating your own design and bringing that to life. Registration is open and Summer term starts this coming Monday at 5pm. To register, contact

Do share with mommies around town (Dubai!)

FYI I’ll be at apple seeds at 5pm tomorrow for an Info session.

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