My Visit to the... Hello Kitty Beauty Spa, Dubai.

March 6
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So, yes, I am a kid at heart. Spent my last birthday at Disney Land, Paris & had to book myself for an appointment at Hello Kitty beauty spa, which I must say is the most adorable spa I’ve ever been to. Located in Town center on Beach Road. The spa is a Mother/daughter concept… Get yourself pampered, while your little one does too. The spa also sell beauty products from a range of different brands by reception, and they also have a Hello Kitty bakery with HK themed chocolate mud cake pops, cupcakes, cookies etc. 

You would think that a salon catered to kids would be loud and hectic. Not this one, the little daughters were all blissed out getting their princess nails done, and watching cartoons or a movie on the large screen. I actually went alone, I was tempted to bring my best friend’s little sister though.

I booked in for a hair treatment with hairstylist, Carla. We went for a scalp peeling treatment, which is a scrub for the head followed by hydration from the ends. The treatment included a macadamia hair mask, massage, and oil application followed by a session of steaming to get the treatment soaked within the hair. 

I love treating myself to relaxation treatments, so I went for a reflexology massage with the super sweet, Sharon (she is REALLY super sweet.) Believe it or not, there are only a few therapists that great and relaxing reflexology massages that loosen up all your muscles, and this is definitely one of them.

I’m definitely going back!