Treatments to try this Spring 2013 in Dubai.

March 12
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-Balance your life out at Balance spa, Dubai
Ever since Oasis centre’s fire destroyed the mall a few years ago, which they ended up replacing – I never really felt the need to visit Oasis anymore (especially with DM, MOE etc.) So, little did I know about the Balance concept they opened there – a spa, a yoga studio as well as a Balance cafe. I thought I must pop in and check them out. I recently booked in at The Balance Spa to try out their Dreamtime journey treatment. The Dreamtime journey is a treatment that encourages sleep and helps you get your sleep back in order. As a person that barely sleeps, this treatment was definitely for me.  The Spa is located on the last floor of the mall (which is great, as the first two floors are quite packed.) As soon as I headed in, I was given consultation forms to fill before a lady escorted me to the changing rooms. Ironically, the spa was huge (for a mall spa at least…). As soon as I got changed, I was made my way into my treatment room and to meet my lovely therapist, Valsala. The treatment started with a scrub made out of himalayan salt with rose and essential oils which was the most relaxing spa I’ve done as Valsala was scrubbing my body in a massage motion. This led to a massage and facial – The facial was purely a relaxing one (excluding extractions etc). The massage included Lymphatic drainage, which is  a gentle sort of massage that encourages the drainage of the lymph from the tissues as well as putting pressure on our marma points, which is the energy points of the body (reminds me of a reflexology form on the body). After 2 hours and a half of the dreamtime journey, I passed out. Great way to give time to yourself and relax…

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-Renewal package at Le Meridien, Dubai
I recently headed over to Le Meridien’s spa for the first time. I don’t really head to the other end of town (my town) but I’ve been wanting to try out the hotel’s spa. I went for one of their Element packages, which was the Executive renewal treatment. I love the fact that you can either do 2 treatments or all in one time and if you skip any, you can book yourself in for another trip. The package includes a salt-glow, aromatherapy massage and a Pevonia facial. Due to time constraints, I ended up doing the salt-glow and aromatherapy massage, and leaving the facial for another trip. As soon as I entered, I was welcomed by my super super sweet therapist, Violet. Even though I was slightly late, I was offered a cup of ginger tea during my consultation and choosing my oil (obviously, I went for Jasmine oil). The spa isn’t huge, and is quite cosy and compact. After changing, I made my way into the gorgeous room (the mirror gives a great effect to the room – looks larger than it is!). We started off with the scrub, which is a gentle scrub with ylang ylang oil and jojoba seeds – the scrub was applied in a massage motion and took approx. 30 minutes. After a quick shower, I got my full body aromatherapy massage with the lovely Jasmine Oil (they also had interesting ones like apple oil, refreshing oil, and rose oil). I always love a good aromatherapy massage, and this was definitely one. I will have to come in to get my facial done asap, but I strongly suggest you book yourself a treatment with the lovely Violet STAT!

-Magic Wand facial at The Cure, Dubai
I was at The Cure not long ago for a Sports massage appointment. I loved the location of the salon – Dubai Media City (BBC building – building 10), and the sports massage was just perfect (especially as a person who works out 5-7 times, I needed it) I recently came back for a relaxing facial called the Magic Wand Facial. Even though they took me in late… Once I got to my room, met my therapist Flore, and got down to beauty business – I forgot that and entered a great state of mind. When asking Flore why women choose this facial over others, she told me that it’s a great facial for anti aging, yet one of their most relaxing facial treatment, and great for cleansing too. All the products used within the facial was Dermalogica, The treatment started off with a cleanser followed by exfoliation – A steam machine was placed over my face to open up my pores, which helped for extractions as well as allowing the product penetrate the skin. This was then led to a long, and beautiful relaxing massage on face and decollate, and ended with a mask at the end. With no exaggeration, I left with the most hydrated looking and soft skin… Glowing. I shall be back…

-Sultan’s Massage at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai.

A lot of hotel spas remind me of each other, but this is definitely one I found quite distinct. I booked in for a 90 minute Sultan’s massage, a signature treatment at Talise Ottoman spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed by my lovely english therapist, Verity, who took me to the changing rooms to get changed (I loved their flip flops – massage balls at the sole!) followed by a short elevator trip to the 2nd floor to make my way into my treatment oil. Let me tell you… this spa was huge *Note to self: Arrive half an hour earlier next time…* As soon as I entered the room, Verity asked me to get comfortable for a short consultation – which was great. She really wanted to know what I wanted out of this treatment which is what I loved. She then decided to go for the Amber and Musk oil (I loved it so much, I need to buy a bottle), using 2 different massage methods – Deep tissue, and Thai Shiatsu with pressure points (I loved that.) The 90 minute of pure bliss included reflexology on my hands and feet, stretching each limb before massaging that area, and the best scalp massage! (however, I must admit – my hair needed more than 2 washes to get all that oil out of my hair.)