Fit Series: What Should I Wear to a Workout class?

March 7
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Photo credit: thegreenyogi

Photo credit: thegreenyogi

Photo credit: Lululemon

Photo credit: Lululemon


Introducing a brand new feature where I will be bringing up questions that we all want suggestions & answers to, answered by the best fitness experts. We are starting with the first one, which is style related. What should I wear to a workout class? is a great question. If you’re not someone that has a Lululemon or Fitness clothes stacked in your closet, getting dressed to a workout class is not the easiest. Our Fitness experts suggest some ideas…

The best thing to wear to barre class is form fitting yoga or dance wear. The closer it hugs your body, the better we can see your form and the easier you can check your own lines in the mirror. Of course, you want to feel comfortable & beautiful too. Wunderunder leggings & Y-flow sports bra or tank both by Lululemon are my classic, go-to favorites. Lorna Jane inspiration tanks will keep you motivated while you pulse & a SparklySoul headband will keep your locks held back with style & flair. Toesox are the best for grip if you don’t like to go barefoot & they come in many styles & colors. Barre class is definitely one place you can really show off your style and form while you work.

-Shay Kostabi
Flybarre Master instructor, NYC


I cant do dance cardio without my Newtons on. And its always best to wear something that hugs the body, so you can see your correct form and technique in the mirror.

-Simone de la Rue
Fitness expert, celebrity trainer and creator of Body by Simone Body By Simone TV 


The best thing to wear is tight fitting, sweat-absorping clothing, so that you can see your body.  My preference is lululemon because of the combination of a great fit and a feminine, trendy look.  

-Kara Liotta
Co-Director & Instructor at Flybarre & Lululemon Ambassador, NYC


The most important thing is to be comfortable. The clothes should not be a source of distraction ie: t-shirt over the head in down dog. The clothes should give you proper support where needed and move easily with your body. Plus feeling good about how you look doesn’t hurt.

-Pamela Levy
Owner of Yoga concept in Paris