Fash Fitness: Zen Yoga, Dubai.

March 15
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On the studio: Small, but cosy. Personally, I love the location – Town center on beach road, quite close and I can get things done before & after around the area. Personally, I didn’t love the class structure as I had a tough time watching the teacher on my first class.


This class was a mix of pilates & barre, which is perfect for someone that loves Barre, and still practices Pilates. This is definitely not as intense as the likes of Flybarre, but if you’ve never done barre before, and want to step up your pilates game, this is definitely a great starting point. I must say, this class has a killer arm workout!


Booty Barre: 


I’m always interested in knowing about different barre methods and I read about Booty Barre a few months ago & I was impressed to hear that there was an instructor, Laura – who brought it down to Dubai. Zen Yoga, who have been getting into the Barre mood, brought Laura down to start teaching classes at their studio in town center – exciting! Having heard about it from other Barre regulars, I was intrigued to try it out. Compared to other barre methods, this was in between bar method and physique57 – it definitely has more of a ballet element compared to Flybarre. Two things I loved most about the class was the arm section (killed my arms!) and the booty sections, so much fun! I just wish the music was a little more fun, but in a whole – my favorite class at Zen yoga! Check out the video above for more on the class.


-Pilates Tower
This slightly reminded me of reformer pilates, definitely tougher than a lot of classes I’ve done, and the deepest stretches I’ve ever done. The classes are quite small, I had 3 others in mine. I liked that, as the instructor, Emily, could focus on each and everyone during the class, giving us some tips and pointers along the way. You definitely need a few classes to get a hang on the tower or else it could be confusing, and you’ll spend time wondering what goes where. A great class that I think is essential for someone who works out regularly – never had a better calf stretch. We did a ton of exercises working the triceps, biceps, core, as well as some squats towards the end. 


-Pilates Jump Board
Sorry for confusing you with all those Pilates names. Some studios call this Pilates Reformer Cardio or Cardio pilates etc etc. In short, imagine a Reformer pilates class (on the pilates machines) with a jump board you can jump on. You definitely burn more because your constantly jumping, getting some cardio in, and using your stamina. I personally think it’s more fun, and more dynamic that other pilates. I loved it, and my muscles killed the next morning… I love it. Thank you Karishma!