On the phone with... James Duigan!

December 19
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Meet James Duigan – the man responsible for bodies like Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-whitely. I recently got on a call with the famed Celebrity fitness trainer, and spoke about his Bodyism concept, his training session and why he’s visiting Dubai soon.

-How did you start your career in the fitness industry?
It started 16 years ago. I started with nutrition and rehab; and then moved into movement and personal training. I then met Elle Macpherson many years ago and worked with her. I was always really interested in doing this, and the thought that I help people really makes me feel like I have the best job in the world!

-When did you start Bodyism?
I have been working on the philosophy for the past 16 years but started it 7 years ago.

-What tips would you give women who don’t have time to exercise everyday?
For me, there is nothing more depressing than someone running on a treadmill at 5 30am… I just think life is too short for that. There is way smarter and more effective ways to work out. We have come out with a program that is short, yet still makes you burn fat and get you a leaner body. It’s all about dividing stuff to make it more achievable.

-What does a training session with James Duigan consist of?
My clients usually come in for an hour here at the Bulgari Hotel – we work on whatever is needed. We start by getting them prepared, followed by metabolic circuits making them stronger, leaner and longer. We finish off with stretching and massage on their muscles.

-How many times a week do you suggest women to work out?
The human body is designed to move everyday. For me, I don’t think women should spend an hour and a half at the gym everyday because it’s not fun but I do suggest moving every day – whether it is playing tennis with a friend, a walk or a swim. Find something to do – be active! It’s about having a happy life as well.

-How important is nutrition for a great body?
Very important – essential – 100% very important! How you eat determines how you feel. Make good choices… When you eat beautifully, you will look beautiful.

-What are you currently working on?
As my wife is pregnant – I’m finishing up pregnancy books and a clean & lean for men, as there has been a huge demand on that. We are also filming our DVDs, which will available to download online and apps.

-Any plans for Dubai?
I’m coming down very soon to the One & Only – we’re helping consult on menus, and getting our supplements in there! We are creating something very special…`