Fash Fitness: Flywheel, Dubai.

January 2
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If  you follow me on twitter or instragram, you would have read about my new addiction – Flywheel. The Fitness studio opened in Dubai a few months ago at Burj Views (super close to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa). I would have never thought I would have been such a spinning fan but I tried Soul Cycle in New York under a year ago, fell in love with the whole concept, then tried Flywheel here and became addicted. As I’ve tried both, I constantly get the question asking if there is a difference between both.

-They are both super fun.

-They both have huge fan bases.

-Soul cycle just has  a knob to increase and decrease your torq, but you never really know what level you are on so each rider gets a whole different workout. Flywheel on the other hand, has a little screen which shows you the torq you’re on as well as the RPM so you can make sure you are on the level you should be on. Each bike also calculates your power, which shows you an average of how much calories you’ve burnt. It does get a lot more competitive at Flywheel.

-Oh, and the music is just amazing. I recently attended a Katy Perry ride,

PS you get your first class free so do try one out and see if this workout is for you 🙂