Judging... Sephora x Dior Make up Masters!

December 15


I recently was part of the Dior x Sephora Make up masters competition jury. The competition has been going on for nearly a year now, and I joined the judges for the finals to help them choose a winner, which took place at Sephora, Dubai Mall. Joining me on the jury were¬†Emmanuelle Geoffroy and Ralph from Dior’s Artistry team. The event was a success with Sharmila’s dance group kicking off the show, followed by a brief fashion show displaying the make up artists’ looks with some comments from the team, before we had to tally up, and share our verdicts. As I’m not a make up artist, I judged from a style aesthetic point of view. Congratulations to all the make up artists, you are all winners. A great evening, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it!


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