Myfashdiary experiences... Reflexology @ N Bar, Dubai.

December 17
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There is always a first for everything – I recently headed to one of my favorite salons, N Bar for a pedicure and reflexology appointment. You can always count on the salon for a great mani/pedi. After cleaning and buffing, and before putting on the nailpolish, Wendy – the fab reflexologist at N Bar Palm strip started with a massage on the feet, going up my calves (note to self: wear shorts next time.) This went on to the therapist pressing pulse points and nerves to see where there is sensitivity. The greatest thing about reflexology is those pulse points can indicate weak points and areas of sensitivity…. Not only was it a great therapy session, super relaxing (I’m a huge fan of massages – this was even better than a shoulder massage.). Perfect addition to a pedicure!

Have you ever done a reflexology session?