My Fashion Week Fitness Detox with EQVVS: Part three.

October 5
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On to my last diary entry for EQVVS… After two great weeks of training and eating organic and healthy food, I felt stronger & super healthy!

Since my last diary entry, I had a session with Mark, which was all about strength & building that up, which was different to any kind of training I’ve done before. Followed by another trip – which was a night session with Miad – our session was one of my favorites. It included a full workout from bottom to top, which left me feeling pumped up with energy for the rest of the evening. In terms of Detox food, I was obsessed with the Cannelini beans with tomato and pepper, Broad bean, celeriac and fennel salad – yum!

As I mentioned, I have been wearing a Ki Fit during the two weeks, which is a band you wear for as long as you can during the day, which gives you amazing data that EQVVS take very seriously – This lets them know what kinds of exercises you need, what they need to change within your food, and what is affecting your body from losing fat. I wore mine for most of the day everyday for two weeks. At the end, Nicola broke it down and gave me a summary, as well as recommendations.

In summary;

Calorie burn – This is about on par for your weight and height. The average for a female is 2000 calories a day. Your food was at 1300/1400 calories. So you would have been on the perfect amount to lose 1lb of fat a week.

Steps & activity – We aim for around 8000 steps a day. For the days you wore the Ki for 90%+ of the day you are about there with a steps target. This is great.

Sleep – WOW! Your sleep efficiency is amazing you just simply are not getting enough! This will massively be effecting your calorie burn and also your food choices throughout the day.



To start I would definitely make your body more efficient. Your body is active but if it was more efficient it would burn more calories.

I would do more weight based workouts. Building some muscle (BUT NOT MAKING YOU MUSCLY!) will great a massive impact. You will look firmer and trimmer and be burning calories at a much higher rate.

Sleep – This is probably our biggest challenge. I would start off very simply with trying to go to bed earlier. Even if it is for the first 2 weeks to be in bed by 3am. Then the next 2 weeks 2.30am etc.

I will miss Cheval place. Thank you to Nicola, Detox Kitchen and the whole team at EQVVS! See you soon, EQVVS.

If you’re in London, you MUST check out.