Fash Fitness: Hot Pilates @ Yotopia, London

October 2
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I love Bikram yoga but the reason why I don’t do it as regular as I would like to is due to the fact that  Bikram Yoga classes are mostly 90 mins – which ends up taking 3 hours of my day by the time you get changed, get there, do the class and shower to your next appointment. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am always out of time so I don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. I have been meaning to check out hot yoga studio, Yotopia in Covent Garden for a few months now since it opened less than a year ago… and finally got round to coming in for a Hot Pilates class recently!

I was told that Yotopia’s room temperature is not as high as Bikram, so it doesn’t exhaust you quicker but it definitely feels very similar. I also loved how classes range from 50 mins to an hour and 15 mins – very practical for busy people around town. I have been practicing Pilates for some years now (everything from Mat Pilates to Circle pilates all the way to Reformer pilates) so I was eager to try out and check out the Hot Pilates class. I was definitely not disappointed… It did include more of the yoga style pilates, yet still including a ton of core exercises and stretches.

The studio is fab and modern – super close to the Covent Garden studio. I also liked how the class is intimate, a lot smaller to the hot yoga classes I’m used to. Yotopia is definitely a studio I recommend if you would like to try out yoga/pilates or even taking your first ‘hot’ class. I can’t wait to come back and try out the Dynamic Pilates, Hot Yoga and Yogilates classes!