My Fashion Week Fitness Detox with EQVVS: Part two.

September 19
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Time to check in… Ever since my last post, I trained with Lynsey from EQVVS who was fab. We trained for one hour with a series of gym exercises (an intense one hour workout). For a person that works out daily, I rarely get day after pains unless I took on a different workout. I love when my muscles ache because it tells me that I have been changing up my workout. Detox wise, I had a little break on the weekend and went back into detox eating (plus a vanilla latte) from Monday morning.

I thought it would be great to speak to Nicola for some extra knowledge and fitness tips…

First and foremost, can you sum up your training method in one sentence?
No! At the studio we believe in the 80%/20% rule. For 80% of the time make excellent choices (with regular exercise, quality, clean food etc) and 20% of the time enjoy yourself and life! In terms of exercise, regular movements using compound exercises (using lots of joints and muscles) will see great results. Working smarter not harder is a key component in the studio for our time precious clients.

How important is the relationship between exercising and healthy eating? Do you think you can do one without the other? 
There is an age old expression that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. I don’t necessarily believe this to be 100% accurate but it is a good start. The combination of eating less and moving more is often the backbone of most of our client goals. Ultimately it is the balance of exercise, good food choices, reduced stress levels, adequate and steady sleep patterns and the reduction of stimulants in equal balance that achieve the desired body effect.

Can you give me 5 quick tips for the ideal body?

  1. Forget sit ups every day for a flat stomach. 30secs plank holds every day will tighten and flatten the stomach.
  2. Walking tall, chest lifted and eyes on the top of the road will instantly remove pounds and make you appear slimmer.
  3. No one like the hunchback of Notre damn…always work chest to back on a 2:3 ratio. Always more back.
  4. Body brush in the shower every day. Brush towards the heart to help blood flow and reduce cellulite.
  5. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper making protein the base of meals rather than carbs.