My Fashion Week Fitness Detox with EQVVS: Part one.

September 13
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It’s fashion week season… One of the things we always jeopardize during this time is keeping healthy. I met Nicola Addison of EQVVS a few months back as I wanted to learn more about the club’s concept. I love working out 5-7 days a week (well, more like 7), and as there has been such a buzz around EQVVS between high profile celebs, models and editors – I was eager to learn more. What I loved about the studio is the fact that they are super exclusive, private, yet once you’re in – no one cares if you’re a celebrity, you’re in to work out! (they don’t take more than 2-3 clients in at a time, and each gets their own well trained personal trainer.)

Having done some research pre meeting, I learnt that EQVVS don’t actually have classes (what I usually do and love) but are more about One on One personal training and monitoring you all around from fitness, diet, and lifestyle. I usually stay away from PTs for a number of reasons but a main one is because I associate PTs with bulking up. When I recently interviewed Daisy Lowe for the Galaxy campaign, she gushed about how EQVVS was the secret to keeping her in shape, as she loves food too!

When I met Nicola, I was impressed by how realistic she was. “Make good choices 80 percent and have fun 20% of the time” – she won me over… A month later, I have joined EQVVS to try out their program! Today was my first session with EQVVS and Nicola – just to keep you in the loop on my session… My morning started with a consulting session with Nicola – my details, my body, my goals etc followed by…

Fitness: I had an intense circuit session followed by a much needed stretching session with Nicola. I will be coming three times a week for training at EQVVS.

Diet: I will be on a detox diet during the weekdays – fresh, healthy food to keep my energy levels up and my sugar levels at bay (starting my days with a wheatgrass shot, I feel like a health nut!). The food is handled by my favorite food delivery service, The Detox Kitchen. My favorite meal today was lunch – Beetroot & puy Lentils, yum!

Monitoring: I will be wearing a Ki Fit monitor on my arm for the next two weeks to monitor my calorie burn, sleep, steps I take during the day.

Stay tuned for short interviews with Nicola & co., as well as my Fitness/Diet/Ki Fit updates during the next two weeks 🙂 If you have any questions you would like me to ask Nicola, just SHOUT!

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