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Style Tips: Layering

January 22

Layering is an essential skill to learn. Not only does it help you keep warm, you also look instantly chic doing it. The great thing about layering is the fact that all you need to do is upgrade the outfit with a few things & you are good to go. I have broken down the different ways you can layer up this New Year… Do make sure you have some fun – add some prints, add some color and best of all – don’t look too dull.



Your options are endless – chunky scarves, cashmere, a bright huge. Add a cashmere scarf to a layered look for a cosy feel. Wrap it all around or let it loose.


-Slouchy sweaters:

This fall, high street stores and brands have come out with fun and chic sweaters including illustrations, sequins and heavy knits. Layer a slouchy sweater over a tee or winter skirt or throw on an oversized sweater to a dress to keep you warm. As shown in the image above, I paired a slouchy sweater with a printed skirt and a tribal necklace with my boots for a cosy yet comfy look for the fall season. I also went for a look with some printed pants for a casual day out.



I love shopping for winter accessories.  Options include wool headbands, floppy hats, mittens, gloves, and snoods. Check out one of my looks with a plum hued floppy fedora hat.


-Cashmere wraps:

I love cashmere wraps under coats, and look perfect when layering. The more slouchy, the more oversized – the better. I love them in honey shades against the blacks we constantly wear during the fall. If you don’t have a cashmere wrap, go for a winter esque wool vest instead – As shown above, I paired one with a light printed dress and some color to add some fun into a chilly day.



add slouchy socks over jeans and under boots for a relaxed daytime feel or pair some bright ones with heels for an evening ensemble. If those options are too loud for you, have fun with tights/stockings or pair one with denim shorts and a sweater.

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