Fash Fitness: SoulCycle, NYC

August 4
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I always thought spinning would be something I would dislike but I always like to try things. I always said if there was a place I’d try spinning, It would have to be at SoulCycle in NYC or LA! So when I was in NYC earlier this summer, I made sure to pop into SoulCycle for a class. I booked in for a class at their Upper west side branch on a weekend morning and must say I was pretty excited. SoulCycle has a great fan base in the states (one of the NYC fitness cults!) and SoulCycle-rs always rave on how much fun the class is, and the workout you get out of it.

As soon as I arrived to the studio, which is quite small but loved the freshness of the studio. It was crowded, and as soon as I signed up for my class, and received my biking shoes, I was told I was ‘riding on bike 27 today’. The class was packed with rows of riders – luckily there was a lady helping us get ready, as well as to inform us on rules/how to ride/resistance etc.

On to the class – The class is pretty much a party, lights shut with only candles on, fab loud music – we had a 4th of July theme so hello American music!

All I remember was I was having so much fun, into the music, Dancing on the saddle -You work out the arms (you’re constantly doing push ups on the bike or holding weights) and core heavily, you tend to stop thinking about your legs. And just when I wondered how long we had left as I was out of breathe (and soaked.), the 45 minutes were up and the class ended. Left the class pouring in sweat (and let me mention, I am not a heavy sweater.) But the feeling you get post class was indescribable and super rewarding!

Can’t wait to head back for a 2nd class when I am back in NYC/LA! Have any of you been/ are any of my readers spinners?!