5 minutes with... Tracy Anderson!

August 1
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This week, I had the chance to speak to my fitness hero, and the lady behind all the fab bodies in hollywood from Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele to Nicole Richie. Tracy has been super busy recently as she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but I had the chance to catch up with the fitness guru on her tips and thoughts! If you’re not too familiar with Tracy Anderson’s fitness method, She works on exhausting the larger muscles first, then working on the smaller ones, and tightening them up to achieve a lean and slim dancers body. She has also come out with a metamorphosis program which are exercises designed by body shape. For more, click here

-Tip for women that don’t have time to work out on a daily basis?
Everyone can find the time. By taking time out of your day to commit to working out, you will improve all areas of your life and find that the increased productivity will actually help your day seem less busy and you will feel better about taking time for yourself

-Tip for women who want to slim up in the thighs area?
My Metamorphosis program will target your entire body, including your thighs. It important to not neglect any part of your body when working out. Once you identify your body type, you will see results everywhere, most notably in your problem area.

-What are your thoughts on the juice cleanse diets?
I don’t endorse juice cleanses. I specifically designed my nutrient boost with Metamorphosis to be a cleanse, but not a juice cleanse. I believe in pureeing nutrient rich foods, so that your body has one less step in the digestion process.