Fash Fitness: SLT, New York City

August 11
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When I was in NYC, I made sure to come in to SLT for a Megaformer class to find out what the fuss was all about (Vogue and Harpers were just a few buzzing on the workout). I’ve done reformer pilates (If you’re not familiar with reformer pilates, each class is completely different but you get a full body workout as well as some great pilates stretches on a reformer machine.) in quite a few cities so I thought it was just going to be a good (hoping) reformer pilates workout. Wow, was I mistaken… The workout was definitely one workout… forget pilates – This was actual bootcamp on a reformer (not to mention brand new advanced reformers I’ve never seen in London or Dubai)

The studio had two large spaces – SLT yoga to the left, SLT pilates to the right. No rooms, no toilets but large mirrored spaces. I always say reformer pilates is definitely more of a workout than mat pilates but I would never say it is some kind of high intensity workout. See, this is where SLT is different – this was one intense workout – burns, challenges and lots of sweat. But, I loved every minute of it.

Now on to the other reason I loved it – The fitness instructor makes all the difference in the world. I always say, everyone should be an ambassador of their work. If you’re a stylist, you better have some good style. If you’re a make up artist, I need to love your make up to hire you. If you’re my fitness instructor, you need to have the body I want/aspire to have! Natalie Uhling Poztek had a dancer’s body, yet she looked strong and toned! (oh, and I later found out she’s a model too!) Extra brownie points? she had the best music for a workout (Azealia Banks, Drake, Nicki Minaj)
Natalie was super helpful going over the different parts of the reformer before the class started, and was tough, yet motivational during the class.

The day later? I was completely sore – bums and thighs especially but it felt good knowing I got a great workout!