Fash Fitness: Yogalini @ Nalini Method, NYC

August 21
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Dubbed as ‘One of the all-time best workouts in New York City’ by NBC, I learnt about the Nalini method and decided to head over and try their barre class but when I was told the founder, Rupa taught the Sunday classes – I thought what better to get introduced to the Nalini method than my class being with the founder. I found out the class I can make on that day was a ‘Yogalini’ rather than the barre. Even though I’m not a yoga girl (excluding bikram) as I get bored and would rather have an hour of working out, I thought I would try out Rupa’s Yogalini class – Rupa’s twist on yoga!

Who was I kidding when I thought it was going to be a slow yoga class – the class was intense (in a good way) I was challenged and felt the burn as well as stretched which I thought was an amazing way to get your work out as well as some great yoga stretches. We used ankle weights on our ankles and wrists which challenged us yet ending each exercise with a yoga move or stretch.

I was very excited to be taught by the founder, Rupa – who by the way was so hands on, sweet yet pushed us to challenge ourselves. I will be back and must definitely try the barre class the next time! I also managed to get my hands on Rupa’s book, which was not only informative on her journey, but super inspiring too.