Summer IceCream Round up!

July 14

It is officially summer – maybe not in London, but everywhere else 🙂 What does summer mean? a ton of things but one thing Summer is not complete without is great icecreams to cool you down! I have discovered 3 favorites over the past few months that I had to share with all of you!

Simply IceCream:

I can’t remember the last time I had good icecream at home… Baskin Robbins tubs and Mars bar icecreams don’t count as they are so generic… but I mean the icecream you can store in your freezer to have when you have a sunny month in London or to bring over for a picnic lunch at the park. I recently discovered Simply Ice Cream. Their flavors are simple yet fun and quirky (Brown bread to cinnamon to lemon curd) so delicious, so perfect, so satisfying. Before I break down the flavors, can I mention they are made from natural ingredients, vegetarian and gluten free.

My breakdown:

Lemon Curd: wow, what a flavor! I’ve never had lemon curd icecream before and this is probably one of the best icecream flavors I’ve had. A great alternative from Lemon sorbet – perfectly creamy, and tastes like you’re eating Lemon curd from a tub – yum

Heavenly Honeycomb crunch: This flavor is also one of my favorites. and is truly heavenly. my honeycomb crave was satisfied completely! Each bite is perfectly right. Tastes like pure honeycomb with pieces of honeycomb in it too!! need more STAT.

Jude’s Ice Cream:

Following on to another favorite – delicious pure icecream cups that are rich in flavor! I am in love with the Double choc chip flavor, satisfies a chocolate crave – delicious chocolate icecream with crunch choco chip crunch 🙂


This one is a little different to the other two as it is frozen yogurt rather than Icecream but still fits in 🙂 I have had everything from Pinkberry, Snog to Frae, so I had to try my first Yoomoo and let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all! I would say Yoomoo is the closest froyo to Ice cream, which is great for people who would like ice cream but want to opt for a healthier option! They do have an extensive variety of toppings and I love how Cinnamon grahams is one of them! definitely one to try stat!


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